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Orange / Grapefruit Soap Recommendations

Another recommendation for Officina Artigiana Stay Traditional. A truly phenomenal scent—my personal all time favorite—coupled with first rate performance, and presented in a substantial glass container that tops off the experience.

Anyone who likes citrus generally (and especially those with a fondness for grapefruit) needs to try this soap.
I hear Fine is making soaps and creams again. L'Orange Noir is one of my favorite after shaves so the soap might be worth trying. A&E L'Orange Verte is really nice too.

There was a local soapmaker who had a pretty nice grapefruit scent but they've quit making shave soap. Grapefruit is one of my favorite scents and I still haven't found another really good grapefruit scented soap.
And although lemon was out of the running, this is the purest, truest, most sublime lemon fragrance I've ever found, and always reminds me of one Summer afternoon spent sitting on a balcony overlooking a lemon grove on the Bay of Palermo. Enjoying, as it happens, an ice-cold limoncello with friends. Well worth a look (the soap and the place) if you're any kind of citrus aficionado...this is where it all began.

The soaps I really like in this category are Grooming Dept's Citric
and Valencia (both will soon be available at WCS), as well as the previously mentioned Officina Artigiana. I just got OA last week and it is superb, an elite performer with a beautiful scent.

I like Wholly Kaw Pompelmo as well, but the scent, already faint when brand new, has faded in the year since I got it. It's now practically unscented.
Since @Desmodromic is asking for an orange and vanilla driven soap: Stirling Soap Pharaoh's Dreamsiecle is a matching winner in my books.

Orange and cedar: you can't go wrong with LPL, another great soap.
Eleven is pure orange (not mentholated), a nice soap as well.


And the BEST (mentholated) orange driven soap money can buy:

Stirling Soap Orange Chill!

Finally, you could buy any unscented soap base of your preferred soapmaker and just add a drop of orange/grapefruit organic essential oil (it won't harm the lather).

As you already might have noticed: I'm a sucker for orange driven soaps 😍:thumbsup:
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I don’t get the Orange in Citric myself, but it’s an outstanding soap. Stirling Orange Chill and Chiseled Face Santa Paula are wonderful scents, but the soap performance is a notch down from Grooming Dept. iMO. L’orange Noir (and Fine soap) is terrific too, but again, less Orange and a more complex, Cologne type scent.


I'll say it. Nordost. And no, I dont know where to get it. But I have it. Great. A&E L'Orange Verte is a bit too perfumy for me. RR Don Marco is an awesome orange/bergamot scent, and performs well above its weight class. The best orange soap for me is The Holy Black Ramone's Gin Fizz, which has a very strong Orange Creamsicle scent. Love it.
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