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Opinions on Omega knots from TGN

I was thinking of getting a couple different Omega knots from TGN to put in some handles I've got. I've already got an Omega Pro 49 and I really like it. I was wondering if anyone who has experience with the smaller knots could comment on their quality? How do the 22mm (plain) and 24mm (banded) compare to the Pro 49 in terms of tip softness and backbone?
I have the 22 in a Rubberset 400. It has great backbone and makes great lather. Its softenss is nowhere near badger range after a couple months in rotation, but I like it.
Interesting. The Pro 49's tips are surprisingly soft. I got it used off the 'Bay so I don't know how many miles are on it. I've also got a NOS Ever Ready 100T that I've been using in a 3 brush rotation for over a year and it's still noticeably harsher than the Omega (which I've only had 3-4 months). The Omega isn't quite as soft as my badgers, but it's closer than I would have thought a boar would get.

Has anyone compared the 22mm and the 24mm?
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