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Opinions on Arko Scent?

This idea that Arko smells like a urinal has appeared more than once on this site. As does the counter argument that Arko does not smell like a urinal but rather like the industrial/institutional type of soap one often finds in a public convenience.
Posters aren't saying Arko smells like a urinal; they're saying it smells like a urinal cake--light, refreshing and healthy! ;)
Unfortunately I have gotten a stick, produced not long ago.
It was impossible to use it because it creates an unpleasant bite in my nose. It was nearly impossible to breath.
Following an advice from this forum, I left the unpacked stick breath for several weeks.
Now the scent is much better. Fresh with some Lemon.
The soap works great.


"Just Call Me Billy"
I'm one of those that loves the industrial cleaner/urinal cake (brand spankin' new, mind you) punch in the nose that Arko delivers. So much so that I put Arkoman directly in to a pharmacy pill bottle (with a child proof lid, to keep him from escaping!) as soon as he dries off, to preserve that wonderful scent. It returns me to my "happy place" every time I use it!


"Just Call Me Billy"
Don't love or hate the scent, performance is fantastic. It's one of the few lathers I can smell even after airing out for months. I wish I would have kept in a container since I like strong smelling lather.
I think in all the "opinions" on scent, the fact of it's great performance is forgotten.

I'm also lucky in that I married a woman who loves the scent of urinal cakes.

Just goes to show that married people are weird.
Oddly enough, my Arko shave stick (or really tub, since I fit the stick into an empty hair paste tub) also has a bit of tortilla chips in its scent. This could be due to the fact that I aired out my stick for weeks before fitting it into a tub.


Goose Poop Connoisseur
I find it to be quite nostalgic for the days my mom bathed me with Ivory soap; that soap that floated! Wonderful stuff.

As far as the urinal cake goes, I really can’t recall ever having my face in a urinal as many Arko “experts”’apparently have. I do, however, remember being on my knees with my head it a toilet or two in my younger days.


"Just Call Me Billy"

It's a good thing I left those tortilla chips at the market! Otherwise, I'd have the pungency of Arko in the bathroom and in the kitchen!
I leave my Arko to air out for a few hours after use, sitting on my headboard! My wife has a better sniffer than I, so she usually tells me to put it back in the container because I forgot!

Good thing she likes the smell. It IS a clean smelling soap. Nothing fancy (obviously, lol) but I love it. Reminds me of getting in trouble in skool just so's I'd get the "punishment" of having to help the janitor out after class!
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