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Opinions on Arko Scent?

By chance I opened a new stick of Arko today. As I inhaled the fresh, citrus scent I was instantly transported to a quiet lemon grove where a tinkling brook gurgled and songbirds sang. The elves had made some yellow cakes which they floated off downstream in their annual floating yellow cakes downstream ceremony. The cakes dipped and bobbed in the water before dropping over a series of little waterfalls which sparkled in the sun like so many golden showers.


Ask me about shaving naked!

And know that Kirko smiles upon the masses of shavers, adorned with billowy clouds of lather, the wonderful aroma of shaving soap wafting to the heavens.....
Wait, Kirko uses Martin de Candre? I’m so confused ….
Last night, while grocery shopping, I made a pit stop in the restroom. As soon as I opened the door and walked into the restroom, a familiar scent punched me in the nose (through my face mask!). It took me a couple seconds to recognize what it was. It was the scent of Arko. However, there was not a stick of the infamous shave soap in sight. Either someone shaved with it shortly before I arrived in the restroom or the urinal cake was Arko scented. My vote is for the latter! 😁

(All kidding aside, the bathroom smelled like Arko.)

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
This idea that Arko smells like a urinal has appeared more than once on this site. As does the counter argument that Arko does not smell like a urinal but rather like the industrial/institutional type of soap one often finds in a public convenience.
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