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Opinions needed on these...

I bought this starter pack (picture below) with my new Henson AL13 medium a while back to experiment with. I've been using blades with no real order or plan. (I'm also now using a Merkur 34g in the mix)

Any thoughts on ranking them in terms of sharpness? Any ideas on good back-to-back comparisons? Better ideas? 😁

So far I've used one persona, Gillette 7 o'clock, and feather in the Henson. I am using a Gillette 7 o'clock for the first few shaves in the Merkur.
Part of the fun of a sampler is finding out first-hand what you think of the blades. There's not really universal agreement and it seems some razors do better with particular blades.

Very Sharp

Pretty Sharp
Persona Blue
Wilkinson Sword
7 O'clock Yellow

Less Sharp
Astra SP
RK (not sure ?)

Other dimensions of blade choice
- how many good shaves you can get from each blade
- how comfortable they are to use

Suggest you try Nacet, on the sharper end of the spectrum.
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Only you can determine what works for your face. My experience, is that feather is the sharpest, but dulls out after two shaves, so I toss em. 7 o clock yellow is also excellent, as sharp as the Bic. However, both it and the Bic will nick you if not careful. Dorco and Astra are solid blades, medium sharp, never any issues with them. With the derby, use an aggressive razor, and they work fine. The coating on the derby is fine. The merkurs are garbage, throw them out or give them away to someone who doesn't know any better. The Wilkinson will suck if made in Germany. The Indian and especially the Chinese Wilkies are vastly more superior. You read that right, the Chinese wilkies are outstandingly great blades. RK no clue, but the Lasers are an Indian blade i like. Persona is okay but stick to the 🇺🇸 ones. That's just my experience though. I am cognizant of the fact someone else's may be the exact opposite of mine.
Thank you for your feedback - I suspected it is a highly YMMV kind of thing, but this gives me a place to start. I think a mm ore methodical approach will be helpful for me too.

I will day that my feather experience was potentially telling. The first shave was great as usual with the Henson. The second shave on the same blade gave me the first weeper. Maybe I was rushing...

Again , thank you!
Like @HoosierTrooper says, it does not matter what others like, it only matters what works for you. I applaud you for getting the sampler pack as it will allow you to test a lot of blades and learn which type your like best.

If your beard is coarse and thick, you will appreciate a super sharp blade. If your beard is fine and light, nearly any blade will be sharp enough.

My experience with Feather blades is similar to that of @ShavingBarristr84, they are two shaves and done for me. Although BIC blades are not quite a sharp as Feather blades out of the package, they become just as sharp after the first shave, so watch out as they can bite you if your technique is poor. If you need a super sharp blade, BICs are great.

According to sales data, Astra SP blades are the most popular blades, but they do not work dwell for me. They are barely sharp enough to slice my beard. I guess that means a lot of folks do not have a beard as coarse as mine; that is a good thing for them and not so good for me.

I have not used the Dorco ST300 New Platinum blades. The old ST300 blades were not very good, but I believe the new ones are made in Vietnam and should be better. I love the Dorco Prime Platinum STTP301 blades made in Vietnam.

The Personna Platinum blades with the blue and gold label are made in the same plant in Germany as the Wilkinson Sword Classic blades. Most reports say that the Personna Platinum blades are of similar quality as the blades known as Israeli Reds. The Israeli plant has been closed, but the "Reds" were a favorite of many shavers, including me.
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