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Open comb revisited

I tried an inexpensive combination head when I began wet shaving three years ago (one side open comb, one side smooth or closed comb). I decided I preferred a smooth comb to an open comb razor. This is a razor I made from PVC, thinwall metal tubing, a 10-32 machine screw, and steel rod for the handle. It worked well as a smooth comb razor. The top cap was narrower so edges of the blade did not hug the PVC baseplate as much and it was more aggressive. About five minutes with a file converted it to an open comb baseplate. I am using a wider top cap that pulls the blade edges down closer to the baseplate to reduce blade gap. It is producing excellent shaves. The key was finally to get the angle to my face right for an open comb razor. (The PVC has been sanded under the edges of the blade to create some blade gap. It is no longer stock PVC.) Blade adjustement is by fiddling.

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