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Open Comb Recco

So it’s that time of the year where I’m running out of time to tell my wife what to get me for Christmas.

I’m thinking a new razor.

I’m pretty much exclusively using open combs and have most of the Fatip models. I’ve found every one to be a great shaver. Close, comfortable and weeper free shaves with every model. If I had one criticism it’s a lack of reassuring grip in the handles.

I’m deliberating between an R41 or a different brand (Timeless or Razorock).

I’m a bit bemused by the multiple variations of Razorrock models and not sure of any other razor brands/models so was hoping some enthusiasts could kindly help me make my mind up with some recommendations.
I'll kick it off. For modern razors, you're going to get these two recommendations a lot. Both excellent budget razors:
1. Muhle R41
2. Lupo 95 OC

I have both of them and highly recommend them if you like a more aggressive/efficient shave.
I also love open combs and have quite a road block of them. I do Feather them into my week day shave routine. But I do favor my slants (& open comb slants) for there closer shave, stubble takes longer to pop, smoothness and less irritation ( for me). So in a nutshell, the world is a oyster of choices for OC's. Lows($) - Mediums ($$) or Highs ($$$), Weight (?), Length, Mild - Med/*** - AGS/***) ... Pearls, Parkers, Main Stream Germans, or try another Italian.....

Schöne Italian ...​

Whatever you get, think why you want it, get it and just have fun.....shave on...BFX
Thank you. Which base plate would the Fatip be on a par with?
Not sure, I don't own a FaTip. But Shawn from Blackland is on this forum, if you reach out to him he might know. There are not many left so the selection is small. When I bought mine there was a level 1 and a level 4 baseplate left.
Thanks for all the comments.

I think I’m better going with some cheap razors to find out what spec I like the most before I take the plunge for the expensive ones.

The Blackland is out of aggressive plates.

The Tatara looks lovely but I’d rather narrow down my preferences first.

I think I’m better with a couple of razors at other ends of the spectrum like long handle/short. Heavy and light. Aggressive tends to be my preference but I’m spoiled by the Fatips (piccolo, slant, grande and grosso) as they’re so smooth.


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RR Lupo .95 OC I would consider a step over medium aggressive. In my book, the R41 would be more aggressive than the RR Lupo .95 OC. Enjoy the search and best of luck with your choice!

Happy shaves.
I have owned all of the current Fatip offerings, the R41, the RazoRock Game Changer .86 open comb and the Razorock Lupo .95 open comb. For whatever reason I've always had trouble with the Fatip razors irritating the skin on one side of my neck. It's probably a user error, given how many folks love the Fatip open comb razors. The R41 is more efficient than the Fatip OC, and I had no trouble with cuts, nicks or irritations; I just don't enjoy using it. The results are great, but the process is not pleasurable. The Game Changer (for me) is less efficient than the Fatip OC or OC Slant. It's a fine razor, but for the same price it's stable mate, the Lupo .95 OC, is more efficient and just as comfortable. I have mine paired with a Razorock Titanium Halo handle, and I'm having a hard time putting it down and using one of my other razors.
I’ve suffered a chronic acquisition disorder bout and Saint Nick (no pun intended) should be bringing me a sloc, R41 and Testina Gentile.

Couldn’t justify the exchange rate/import hikes of RR premium offerings to be paying the same as I would for all 3 of these for a Lupo/GC.

Will likely end up getting a Tatura further down the line. Definitely not until next year though 😜
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