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Open comb razor for a beginner.

I've been thinking about trying a open comb razor. Any suggestions which would be a good one to start with? I've been looking at the Parker 23C. Thanks
RR Old Type, Gillette Old Type, Gillette New. These are comfortable, efficient, and relatively low cost.
Jeff, why? Are you looking for a more aggressive shave? Problem with razor clogging? Just want to try something different? What are your expectations? How heavy is your beard?

Don't have a heavy beard. Just want to try something different. I guess I feel that this is the next step in my wet shaving experience.
There are no wrong answers. You can go vintage Gillette via BST or the bay. You can try Muhle 41. If it isn't to your taste, resell.

I flirted with the Muhle; it was too aggressive for my mug.
I highly recommend the Maggard V3 Open Comb. It is less aggressive, but yields an excellent shave. It is also heavy, so there is less temptation to use too much pressure. It just cam up in my rotation again this morning.

Fatip Piccolo. Just had the best shave of my life with out trying. Get it from Maggard's, they are like 20 bucks and are made of brass.

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IMG_1273.JPG IMG_1275.JPG A vintage Gillette Old Type or New are well made, proven razors. They are also readily available on the BST, your local flea market or antique shop at a very reasonable price.
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Razorock old type (or Gillette New or Old if you want vintage), same recommendation from other thread. Mild and efficient.

I would not consider an R41 a razor for a beginner Mac (as per OP).
Great point, GVW. I have an Old that was made in 1911, so it is already 6 years into it's second century.
Also recommend a Gillette new. Available, relatively cheap, not so aggressive but very effective removing the whiskers and the soap. I used my New a couple of weeks ago to shave my armpits, haven't done that for several years. It's crazy how effective an open comb is to transport hair and whiskers from the razor.
Another option to consider is the Merkur 1904. Its open comb, its super mild and theyre pretty cheap (I think around $25).
Ive also got a Gillette New that is super cool but one thing to keep in mind with vintage razors is that blades in the 30s and 40s were a lot thicker than they are nowdays, so you need to shim them in order to get them to work as intended. If you dont, the blade gap will be signifigantly smaller and the razor will be much milder than it was inteded to be.
I've been looking at the Parker 23C. Thanks

You mean the 24 or 26C. I have the 26C, my first OC. I can recommend it. As well, the Merkur 1904. The very route I went. I've since ended up with the NEWs and the Old Types, and the Fatip, so perhaps I could have skipped the Parker. But it is a nice OC. I really like the longer handle paired with an OC head.
I used only open combs for a long time until I switched over to slants and I find Merkur to be among the most clog proof razors. All Merkur open comb razors share the same head. So 15C, 25C and 1904 differs only in handle.

With Merkur you could easily mow down weeks of growth without using a trimmer first. It is also a super mild razor, as it actually got negative blade exposure. A true zero pressure should not even allow the blade to touch the skin, but nobody got really zero pressure and the skin flexes.

So this one is definitely friendly for a beginner. Biggest danger with mild razors like this is how you might gradually begin to add extra pressure to get the expected blade on skin feeling and excess pressure always leads to some irritation.
The Parker 26c will open your eyes as will the Razorock old type. Its Amazing how open combs can eliminate razor burn

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Pretty much as soon as I tried an OC I knew I preferred it. Probably because I spent a long time straight shaving. I am accumulating a few of them right now myself. I am considering high end next, though. Hope you find what you like quickly!
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