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Open comb DE recommendations

Hi everyone
I currently shave every 2/3 days and therefore I mainly use higher efficiency SB DE's such as the Lupo 95, ATT windsor pro SB 0.90 & Merkur progress on S3/4.. but never tried an open comb
the Muhle R41 seems to be good value and comes with a reasonable price tag, all recommendations are most welcome Thx in advance ✌
I love my 1936 open comb Gillette Aristocrat. Also, TTO as a bonus.
Yes those are beautiful but also +250$ especially here in Europe, and besides that I never tried an OC so maybe its wise to start with something more reasonable priced and see if I like it 😄
Great razors for exploring open combs and in Europe = Fatip OC. All the other options get very expensive in Europe from what a hear. Like Razorock Game Changer Open combs/Jaws (have the .68 Jaws), Razorock BBS Open comb or PAA DOC Ascensions and Karve (haven't used one yet as they are incoming!)
Modern: Fatip
Vintage: Raised Flat Bottom (RFB), Goodwill, NEW Long Comb (LC), NEW Short Comb (SC)

Being in Europe, I have no idea what prices might be like for the vintage Gillettes. But vintage certainly provides wonderful shaves! Good luck & please keep us posted on what you decide.
New long comb (especially RFB if possible) or short comb.

Perfect blade alignment every time, all models are smooth and efficient, top quality designs that have lasted a lifetime and could last another.

Fatip's are awesome value and shave great - having to fiddle to align the blades leaves me not using mine as often, but that doesn't bother everyone equally.
The R41 is not a typical OC. I am not personally convinced that Muhle even makes them with consistently sized/shaped caps, which can drastically affect the shaving qualities.

I would vote for a classic Merkur 15C from Solingen over a SLOC, but if you want a heavy stainless steel handle the SLOC is the way to go. Merkur also sells a solid hexagonal handle version of the 15C that lends a little more weight without getting into RazoRock territory.

The Fatip Grande handle falls between the 15C and the SLOC. The Lo Storto Originale slanted version from Fatip is also worth consideration.

All the guys urging you to get a vintage Gillette 3-piece OC are not wrong. That is where I started with OC long years ago. I could be limited to using only a New long comb or a New short comb and be perfectly happy.
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