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OOTD- oolong of the day

Not my cup of tea either. :lol: It isn't bad with ginger, cardamom and cinnamon, but I much prefer Chinese teas myself!
Got impatient for the fancy stuff so I bought another supermarket oolong.

Sea Dyke Brand (yuk, yuk) Fujian Oolong - This is a very dark oolong with big clumpy leaves. First pot was a bit muddled, but it does remind me of Shui Hsien in later brews. I suspect I got too many leaves and perhaps too hot water on the first brew. I will play with this one a bit more before making up my mind.

(pic stolen from the googlewebs.)
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2012 Autumn Ben Shan - Medium Roast

Wow! This makes for very yellow pot of tea. Remarkable aroma - floral toasty grains? Nutty finish with the roasting apparent in the breaths after you swallow. I could swear I've had this tea before - but where? Maybe in some kind of bubble tea or fancier restaurant?

Anyways, one of the more delightful pots I've had in quite some time.

pic stolen from my supplier as I'm not allowed to take pictures at work.


Sunsing Rougui, 9gm in 150ml kyusu, 20s, 10,15,...

Lots of caffeine. Not the strongest of aroma, and ok when nose is close. Flavor is of traditional Wuyi dark, a woodiness a bit like old JingGu, and a fairly strong taste that is close to cinnamon. It was also pretty sour in much of the early brews. Body was okay and smooth. Not too much yanyun in throat, but good length of aftertaste in the mouth. This was very expensive for what it is, but then wuyis generally do tend to be pretty expensive.
Two dancongs yesterday and today...

Jingteashop Da Wu Ye '12, 4g--wasn't very good. Low in bitterness, but also low in character and aroma, and did not last more than four material brews. Late infusions became unpleasantly bitter.

Houde '07 Mi Lan, 4.4g--has a slight aged taste, last of the bag and broken leaf. Was kind of awesome. It was bitter, but it was that sort of strong, bracing kind of bitter, and not lingering or nasty. Not too much of the honey taste, most of the other traditional Mi Lan flavors remained, plus a kind of wood edge. The finish, however, was deeply awesome--some flavor transitions and strong, gracious huigans that dig deep into the throat before coming back up. The tastes stayed in the mouth many hours after finishing a long session of more than 15 brews. A bit harsh on the stomach, and also made for some serious, serious munchies.
2009 Tea Habitat Mo Li Xiang (fall). This was okay, more like a better Da Wu Ye, but with a sort of floral fur smell, and a very strong fleshy floral taste-flowers, but not quite jasmine, more like Mohawk viberniums. Shallow and dies relatively quickly--will brew plenty, but gets boring and bitter after about 6 brews. Light flavor transitions and huigans, though.


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... still working on a nice big bag of "premium AA Da Hong Pao" Wu Yi Shan Rock tea from Yunnan Sourcing.

... nice & toasty.
Autum 2012 "Premium Jin Xuan Milk Oolong" Tai Hua Gao Shan from YS (boy that's a mouthful!)

I love just opening the tea container and smelling this tea. It is sooo deliciously... "sweet creamy floral"? Smelling it makes me hungry, every time.

Leaves are mostly unbroken and very tightly rolled... I am always surprised by how much they expand after several steeps. Light roasty notes in the dark gold brew, which is almost as tasty as the tea container smell.
jade oolong. gona do a photo review of it some day just dont feel up to it atm.

2m 5.5g @80c
light vegitals over a medium body sweet almost jasmine finish.
Houde '07 roasted TGY. Weaker flavor, smooth, aroma still there, not sour, low bitterness, all of it converts, long, long, and pleasant aftertaste. Probably would have been a good candidate for long term storage, if you knew ahead of time that you need to pack it in.
Back to the Ben Shan today - Autumn 2012.

Oolong is supposed to have a longer shelf life than green, yes? Anyways, this is still quite tasty.