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i had some guan ying wang tonight, its nice there is finally a place i can say that without getting odd looks lmao,

great cup love it when i can get it, a stronger flavour then my tie guan yin for sure
I got a new shipment from Floating Leaves so I've been drinking from some 2010 Traditional Dong Ding, the 2012 Trad Dong Ding, and the 2011 Wuyi.
2011 Spring Awarded Muzha TGY from Houde -

This stuff has really hit its stride. The roast is very subtle now with peach and apricot notes. Glad I didn't drink this up before now.
2012 - Spring Alishan from FL -

Floral, vegetal and full...with a pleasant sweetness on the finish. Tasty.
imperial high mountain ti kuan yin. 8g in dayi gaiwan 80c starting

1st infusion 2m: smokey sweet minerals citrus and side of tongue dryness

2nd infusion 30s: SWEET! almost no dryness or minerals smoke has disapeared. citrus is still on the finish

3rd infusion 1m: mushroom and dryness again with that citrus finsih and smoke on the extended finish

4th infusion 1:30 85c : raise in temp has brought out bitter notes no longer sweet. more dryness also.

5th insuion 2m: woody dry.

6th infusion 5m: very dry and citrus
and a leaf shot too

7th infusion 5m: sweetness is back. still slightly dry.

8th 10M : tea is done.
I picked up more than 2 kilos of Oolong while I was in S/E Asia earlier this year. Mainly from northern Thailand. To tell you the truth, I was disappointed in the various Oolong teas in Yunnan province in China. Their Puer pour technique is flawless, but the bad water and OK teas were a uneventful end to some amazing choreographed pours. My favorite is the Gabarron from a Frenchman just south of Myanmar in Chiang Rai Province. Have to search through my luggage for the card. Had the teas sealed in 100 gram bags at the farm because I am notoriously slow consuming them. I also picked up 4 seasons, Number 17, a 2007 Puer(wonderful smoky flavor!), and a few others.
There's twigs in my tea! No no calm down. This is the tea. This is a rarely seen tea other than in Thailand I do knot know the romanized name of it but the literal translation is supposedly "branches of serenity" but I do know that this tea is a version of Bao Zhong that is carried by it's about tea the only thing is the only way to get this tea is to either go down to the shop and ask for it by name. Or perhaps work a deal out through email or phone.

Ammount: 6.6g in dayi gaiwan @ 85c

First infusion: 1:30

FRUITY!!! sweet and lightly nutty creamy thick mouthfeel.

Second infusion: 1m

sweet nutty and creamy floral finish.

Third infusion 1:30

Fruity floral thick and creamy.

Fourth infusion: 2m

sweet creamy nutty floral light green-ness.

Fifth infusion: 3m

the grassyness has come out a bit more but still sweet creamy and thick.

Sixth infusion : 5m 90c

nutty and grassy mouthfeel is still the same.


Thoughts: Though this tea has lots more to give it dose not seem to be developing significantly beyond being nutty creamy grassy floral and fruity. To be honest though this may be a tea of "lower quality" I absolutely adore this. The tea liquor feels less a liquid more a gel its thick almost chewy mouthfeel is substantial and lovely. I would say i may even prefer this to the higher quality version of Bao Zhong.

Tung Ting Vietnam. - Davids tea

Next up is david's tea Tung Tin Vietnam and here is what they have to say about it.

This is a rare oolong from a small garden in Lam Dong, Vietnam, made as a tribute to the tun ting teas of Taiwan. Each leaf is meticulously hand rolled for a taste that is light, piney and perfectly balanced​
Amount: 5.3g in dayi gaiwan 85c

1st Infusion: 1:30

floral and buttery sweet lightly nutty half way through the cup i get a green vegi flavor last sip yeilded a toasted bread flavor....

2nd Infusion 1:30

Green leafy vegies slightly floaral and nutty.

3rd Infusion: 2m

nutty green and vegital. a hint of mint?

4th infusion: 2:30

Nutty still vegital and green tasting. mild dryness.

5th infsusion 3m

nutty and creamy still green tasting.

6th infusion: 4m

similar to above flavor is still good though.

7th infusion: 6m

Green tasting

8th infusion: 10m

back to buttery but this tea is done.

Final thoughts: A nice Oolong that seems to have extremely low oxidation tastes more like a green in later steepings than a Oolong not amazingly complex but enough to hold your attention for the full duration of the session. If approached mentally like a green tea more than a Oolong you may get much more enjoyment out of it .

Gao-Shan (Wen Shan Mountain) - It's About Tea

To start today's tea-o-thon off lets start with Gao-shan From It's about tea. heres what they have to say about this tea:

This is a “High Mountain” Oolong grown in the northern region of Taiwan on Wen Shan Mountain at an elevation of 3,000’ (1,200metres). It’s grown in limited quantities and is prized throughout Taiwan as one of the finest oolongs available. The fresh, young leaf is curled and lightly oxidized, so the liquor released has a fresh, crisp flavour, leaving a “sweet-dryness” at the back of your throat. The leaves can be infused multiple times and will release a smooth, soothing flavour each time. This oolong is among the finest available in Taiwan.

Amount: 5.2g in dayi gaiwan 80c

First infusion 1:30

Nutty , bready ,and creamy lightly floral on the finish.

Second infusion 1m

Thick and creamy with almost a green tea latte flavor. tastes like green tea flavored milk.

Third infusion: 1:30

Sweet and creamy really soothing delicate flavor.

Fourth Infusion: 2m.

Lactose sweetness is giving way to a more green oolong flavor.

Fifth Infusion: 3m

Fresh nuttyness, the lactose sweetness is holding on in the background it has a finish of leafy greens.

Sixth infusion: 4m @ 85c

Still sweet lightly dry now slightly green flavor.

Seventh Infusion 5m

More green flavor but still sweet. Brew is still Thick and creamy.

Eighth infusion: 7m

Dryer but still sweet and green. seems to have quite a bit more life left in it.

Final thoughts A lovely sweet thick creamy tea that will be great for beginners getting into Oolongs. not amazingly deep or complex but the flavors it dose have are of the highest pleasantness a great evening drink for those who want something to sooth them to sleep.

Quangzhou Milk Oolong- David's Tea.

Starting the last day of the Tea-0-thon is David's Tea's Quangzhou milk oolong. when i opened the package i was met with a very aromatic orange creamcycyle like aroma. here is what davids tea has to say about it:

This ultra rare Oolong From the Wuyi Mountains of China is velvety smooth and lightly creamy, with a subtle hint of orchid.​

Amount: 5.2g in dayi gaiwan at 85c.

First infusion: 1:30

Lactose and fruity light and delicate but thick mouthfeel.

Second infusion: 1m

Light creamy and slightly orange flavor

Third infusion: 2m

Still light in flavor but its moved a more oxidized fruitiness.

Fourth infusion 3m

Fruity kinda peach flavor.

Fifth infusion: 4 m

Still fruity peach flavor.

Sixth Infusion: 5m
Sweet but a hint of dryness not as fruity

7th infusion :7m 90c
Slightly nutty flavor but its pretty much done.

Final thoughts: Very good tea has a great aroma and is really fruity. thick mouthfeel and sweet. no need for anything in this tea its sweet and creamy recommended for those trying to transition from flavored teas to straight teas.


Dong Ding -It's About Tea

Second tea of today is Dong Ding from It's About Tea Dong ding is one of my personal favorite oolongs here is what the vendor has to say about it.

Formosa Dong Ding Oolong – One of the finest oolongs in the world, from the Dongding region of Taiwan. It is grown at an altitude of over 4,000 feet. Highly aromatic, full-bodied with a lingering aftertaste.

Amount: 5g in Dayi gaiwan 85c

First infusion: 1:30

Light floral creamy slightly toasted..

Second infusion: 1 m

Nutty floral creamy

Third infusion 2m

Foral and sweet

Fourth infusion 3m

Sweet floral and lightly green tasting.

Fifth infusion 4m.

Sweet green with a mineral like note

Sixth infusion 5m 90c

Minerals i think its best to cut this one short.

Final thoughts: not the best Dong Ding i'v ever had but its a solid tea. not as floral or nutty as other's i'v had and also not as long winded as others but still good solid tea.

12 FLT Spring Lishan with a little Alishan mixed in -

This seems to make a good combination....more interesting overall flavor profile. Slightly grass with florals and herbs. Tasty.
2010 Song Po oolong from Houde -

The lilac like florals have subsided and a more fruit forward profile has emerged.....and it is all the better for it.
Damn, I could drink Oolong every day!!! And, that Dung Ding looks amazing!

I need to get more of this tea as I am recently out again, but I am dreaming of drinking this tea today:
Hawaii-Grown Oolong Tea. Beautiful whole leaf from Tea Hawaii.