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Only had time for one pass

I only had time for a single pass shave. I could've skipped shaving all together, but why miss out on the fantastic fell of an SR shave? I whipped up a 1/3 as much shave lather. Then I did my normal first pass only. It feels great! Is it as close as three passes? No. Is it better than skipping the shave? Yes.

I used my Ralf Aust. The edge was feeling rough yesterday, so I ran it over my Arkansas Black, in oil, for 8 minutes last night followed by 70 laps on a leather strop. The blade was smooth today. This is the 55th shave on this edge since honing by Portland Razor.
I’ve done one pass once or twice if I’ve been really pushed for time, but it’s given me a pretty rubbish shave.
I need four passes for bbs.
I get a better one pass shave from a cartridge razor than a straight which only comes into its own right at the beautiful finish.
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