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online source for good Yixing Teapots

I used to have a little store not far from my work. :( but they are gone now, and buying online is hard as most places dont tell you much about the pot other then show a picture. I know Jasetea gives much better information, but was wondering if anyone knew of any other places to look for pots at good prices with good quality pots, that I can either out right trust or will mention how the lids fit how hot it was made at and the like ?

Im looking for a new one for myself
The Tea Smith is a good place, if you have questions they always are friendly and helpful. They have nice sales often as well.

I have never been dissatisfied with teapots from Jing Tea Shop. Seb and Jing are knowledgeable, and you know what you're getting. If you don't see what you want at their website, they'll often try to source it for you. Regards, ~grasshopper.
I would avoid tea smith or yunnan sourcing for yixing. Jing as Grasshopper mentioned is good thechineseteashop.com is another one. Essence of tea deals can be had at zen8tea also origin tea and lifeinateacup
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