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Onitsuka Emperor

The Onitsuka Tiger Emperor. Dip-dyed in indigo, white leather. They just arrived for the low, low price of $25 free shipping. I'll admit, they aren't versatile...but damn do they look nice.

Not my style at all, though I do plan to buy a pair or two of Tokyo 66 shoes at some point. Many running shoes are too narrow for me to wear- I've tried on many Adidas models and none of them fit right. I was surprised to find out recently that Reebok is owned by Adidas
Those are nice. Where did you pick them up from?

Like you said not very versatile but those are the kind of kicks that you figure out out a way to show off.
My friends

Thye are not the onitsuak I wore in the 1960-70 time frame.
I loved the Marahtons, and the OhBari, which Frank Shorter wore in his races.
Tiger is not the shoe it was then.

BTW the elites were made by the new Nike. Actually a nice shoe Nike startd out with.
The Tiger JAWHAWK, the gold shoe replaced the Tiger Marathons, a nice shoe.
Tiger Onitsuka was much better than the nike shoes.
I missed them

Nice day
Those are some pretty nice shoes.
I remember wearing Onitsuka Tiger wrestling shoes, had an original pair of Dan Gables.
A pair of Corsair's were my first actual running shoe, I thought my feet had pillows attached after running wearing Converse All Stars for a few years.
Not so sure about the color scheme, but those are damn cool! Thanks for the link to 6pm.com.

I just picked up a pair of the Serrano. It looks like the nike "elite" waffle, for cross country. Nice looking blue.
Give a try anyway.
Again, my first pair were the light blue Tiger marathons. Then the Jawhawk came out whick was a nice racing flat.
I bought the Oh Barri in the mid 1970 time frames, after Shorter did the 72 olympics.
I enjoyed that shoe back then, not as complicated as shoes have become.
There is old stock tigers out there BTW, and course the new ones being done.
Nice day
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