OneBlade V1 or V2 need help

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by njrich50, Jun 25, 2019.

    Bought a Oneblade (genesis) with serial ob-01963. Can anyone help me and tell me if is V1 or V2.

  1. If you call or email Oneblade, I'm sure they would be happy to help you figure it out! You'll get the right answer a lot quicker.
  2. CS online is no help. Told me they cannot go by serial number. Told to upload pictures of side view of head and told me it was V2. The person I bought it from told me it is V1. Is there a database with serial numbers for V1 and V2 ?
  3. Who is CS online? OneBlade does not necessarily keep track of serial numbers as much as they do batches and when sold. You might want to do a search on a couple of forum threads for OneBlade as folks on the forums keep better track. It was my understanding that v1 ended around 1600-1700. If you were told from someone that claims to know from a pic that it was a v2, how do you know that they are wrong and the seller is right?

    Is the leather box a dark or medium color? That was another difference between the original and the Genesis. Also, if you loaded a blade and locked it in, are you able to shake it around or does it stay in one place without moving? the floating blade feature was introduced with the Genesis.
  4. I knew the serial number looked familiar. This was a v1 that passed through my hands a couple of months ago. It did not have a stand or case and just the razor itself. I inspected it and confirmed from OneBlade that the serial number was a v1 and then had to sell it before even shaving with it once because I found out the day after I bought it that I owed more to the IRS than I expected and there was someone looking for one. Again, I don't know who yo are referring to when you say CS, but OneBlade did confirm the serial number with me and never asked for a pic of the head. I also loaded a blade and there was no movement either front to back, side to side or up and down.
  5. I'm guessing CS = customer service.
  6. Mines a 01717 is that a V1 or v2?
  7. Insert an FHS10 blade and see if it has a small amount of free movement - what they call the “Active Floating Blade Approach System”. If it does, it’s a V2. If it holds your FHS10 snug, it’s a V1.
  8. A FHS snaps in and has to be pulled out but a gem don’t snap in and is easier to get out.
  9. Where'd you manage to get one? They don't come often for sale..
  10. I got it’s 4 years ago. I know why nobody sales them often. They give a killer shave.

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