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FS OneBlade Bundle and IBC Shavette

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I am continuing to move the razors that I am not reaching for. They are all great razors, and hopefully they will find a new home where they will be appreciated more:

1. OneBlade Bundle

The bundle includes a OneBlade Hybrid, OneBlade Core, two aluminum stands, OneBlade 22mm synthetic brush, and 10 Feather FHS blades.

The Hybrid I got to compare with the Genesis. Shave quality is almost identical, but I decided to keep the Genesis. The Core and brush I got mostly as a travel kit, but the pandemic stopped my traveling for a while. If you are looking to try out the OneBlade system, this is a good bundle. Separately it will cost close to $200. Get everything for $75 including CONUS shipping and PayPal fees.

2. IBC Shavette with custom wood handle

I got this razor when it first came out. It can take a Feather AC blade, Schick Injector, or half DE. It is more compact than the Feather SS/DX razors, making it more maneuverable when shaving. I took a wood handle off another shavette and customized it for the IBC, which does allow for a better grip. IBC razor currently sells for $73 at Maggards. Get the razor with both handles for $50 including CONUS shipping and PayPal fees.

Send me a PM for any questions.

CONUS only shipping. PayPal only.


Got only the OneBlade Bundle left to sell. Final price drop down to $70 and then it goes back into storage. Anybody wanting to try a OneBlade without spending a lot of money, this is your chance.
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