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One Razor?

I'm in the "mostly" camp. "Mostly" a Taiga Titanium, with detours to a Muramasa and occasionally a Rex, leaving my considerable other DEs for maybe annual use.
Yeah, since I got my Ti Taiga 4 months ago I haven’t used anything else. I suspect that will change eventually given my large collection, but frankly it shaves so well I don’t see a need to even try anything else right now.

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I'm a loyal exclusive supply CO 2.0 user. Forget the razor I'm using for a second. Let me say two things: 1) I love wet shaving as we all do here. It's frequently the highlight of my day and the most comforting 'me' time I get. So using multiple razors, collecting shaving accoutrements, wow I get the pleasure of that. Now: 2) imagine (as many do) becoming so adept with one razor that you like a James Beard gold star chef with their favorite filet knife (it's a metaphor remember😄). You know everything you could possibly know about tactile feel, pressure, speed etc. Back to the one razor. You even know very specifically how it reacts with different creams/soaps. So much so, that you can shave the most problem areas (upper lip ATG, neck areas etc) with no difficulty whatsoever. You get it all done in two passes, close, nick free etc. Feel like a million bucks in the morning after each shave. YMMV, but that's it's own kind of shaving Nirvana experience.
Back in the 70s, when wetshaving with standard DE, SE, and injector razors was still going strong (but not a 'trend'):

First, I evolved through a Techmatic (Gillette's only 'SE' and the first of some truly bad ideas), then a Schick injector (a classic) and 'finally' to a family heirloom Old Type. Then I bought a Merkur 36 slant...

Because 1 razor is not enough! Two razors and Williams Mug satisfied for about 4 decades.

I will never have 100 soaps, 100 types of blades, 100 aftercare products. Probably not even 100 brushes. But I'm pretty sure I have 100 razors or thereabouts.


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Thought a lot about this question. Just as Ken Miles sought the perfect lap in "Ford v Ferrari," I find myself pursuing the perfect shave. That means tweaking everything, including the razor. I'll find something that seems perfect (e.g., the Rockwell 6S), only to later push the envelope to find something just a tad better. Recently, I acquired a Rex Ambassador. I LOVE THIS RAZOR! Feels like I just drove my best lap ever. Yet, I hear a Wolfman seductively whispering in my ear.

In addition to pursuing the perfect shave, variety remains the spice of life. The Rex and Rockwell may get 90% of the attention, but a Canadian Gillette Tech and a Schick Krona will be in the upcoming rotation.

Ah maybe I’m a softie as I favor mild non aggressive razors. Sigh I’ll probably be reaching for the Edwin Jagger in a shave or two. Weird thing is that I’ve shaved with my Muhle R41 and never have gotten nicked by it. So I do have proficiency in using aggressive razors. I just don’t like using it, like walking on thin ice. 😉😉😉
I have three razors, but use one. I use a Karve, but have a Merkur (which was replaced by the Karve), and a Gillette Slim Adjustable from the quarter I was born in, but I have never liked it all that much as a shaver.
There are several razors I'd be perfectly happy with using it every day the rest of my life. Among them my Gillette tech, Gillette super speed, feather AS D2, razorock game changer, and karve. All those razors give me flawless shaves every time. But using one razor would take a lot of the fun out of shaving.
I have posted a photo of this before. It is homemade from PVC (baseplate), steel rod (handle), and EMT (conduit—top cap). I welded a 10-32 screw into the EMT for the stud. I recently cut the openings to make it into an open comb razor. I had been coveting a new razor and had one picked out, but this works so well that it has cured my RAD.
I've been Traditional Wet Shaving for 10 years or so. Acquired more products along the way than I care to admit. The one constant through all of it has been my one and only razor. My much loved knurled EJ DE89. I have wanted a milled SS razor for as long as I can remember but I have gotten so dialed in with my DE89 that I can't imagine a cleaner shave. I keep saying "when this thing dies I'll get a SS". But other than a cpl of very minor scratches on the head it shows no signs of slowing down.
Hahahaha! I actually fell away from here for about 5 years or so and used only a Merkur 34C every day for that 5 years. I had (at one time) 800 Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Plats (black) and used only that blade. I'd never have more than 3 lather products in the den consisting of a soap or two and a tub of TOBS rose cream. I only used Pinaud Clubman A/S. Two brushes. Five years.

I recently came back here and got back into it all over again. But I'd call what I'm doing 'experimenting' not 'rotating'. I'm running a dozen blades or so through a vintage fat-handle Tech and a 1940's Super Speed, and I recently got a Schick Type M1 adjustable injector because that's what I started with in the early 1970's.

However, when all the experimenting is over, I will likely end up using one razor again, for the most part, with an occasional outing with the Schick. I won't be 'rotating' through a bunch of razors. Every year I do a few shaves with my birth quarter Red Tip, but that's it, I'm a mild razor guy.

I suspect I will end up back with the Merkur or the Tech as my daily driver with the Schick thrown in once in a while, with one blade again. I still have about 400 Gillette blacks, and will likely lay in a few hundred GSBs. I will, however, stay up at around a half dozen lather products, and I've added a couple of brushes. I now have three badgers, three boars, and a synthetic. Oh and a small travel brush.
While you're still in experimentation mode, a Gillette NEW (either LC or SC) might also be worth a look if you're up for it.


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The vast majority of my shaves are done with an Edwin Jagger DE3D14.

I do have four other double edge razors, three of which very rarely get used, and the other, my only open comb razor, only gets used on heavy growth, and resetting creeping sideburns or beard boundary. I have other types of razor, including straight and shavette, but they hardly ever get used either.

If I do switch razor, if takes me a week or two to tune in to it, and get my very best shaves. That's a fortnight's shaves which aren't as good as they would have been, if I hadn't switched. I therefore need a good reason to pick up a different razor. I usually keep three soaps and two brushes in play, to give me the option of a bit of variety, without compromising my shave quality by razor switching.
I am a straight razor shaver nowadays..
The only DE razor I have is my 56 Gillette red tip.About once a month or so I will use it.
When I was using DE it was my favorite.
I gave away my other DE razors to get people I knew into wetshaving..So yeah I have one DE razor.
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Who here in this forum uses only one razor or one razor for most of their shaves? Who here might have a large collection but still mainly uses one? I have a modest DE collection but mainly use one razor, my favorite Tech. I try to be a minimalist to some extent. How about you? What are your thoughts on it?
Not going to lie I have alot of razors but ever sense I started using my Gem 1924 it's hard to go back to any of my other razors. It gives me such nice shaves to the point where I actually got myself a gold version. It has wonderfully audio feedback and aggressive enough to go through my coarse hairs.


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