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One Razor?

I could probably do it with an adjustable. Maybe a Henson medium. I only have three and one is rarely used.
I'm in the "mostly" camp. "Mostly" a Taiga Titanium, with detours to a Muramasa and occasionally a Rex, leaving my considerable other DEs for maybe annual use.
I have too many razors. No wait, I need more razors! I’m so confused!

I have one model of razor that I do the majority of my shaves with, it just fits my technique really well.

So, I channeled by inner B&B Jedi and bought seven of that one model. (And two derivatives of that model.)

But, then I have a good mix of other razors too, to break up it up. Darn it, I have too many razors!

Wait, how many razors are we supposed to have? Answer: X+1.

Off to search…


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I have a fair collection (triple digits) of razors which span various blade styles (DE, SE, Injector, AC, Valet, Hair Shaper, Straight, and Lather Catcher Wedges) -- I've *mostly* stopped acquiring more razors, but I do enjoy the variety. Admittedly, when it's time to shave, I do stare at a bunch of razors for a while before the decision is made. :001_smile
I have 8 razors. My favorite is the Canadian prewar tech, the slim and the Blackland (Dodge) Dart. I know I will buy more razors.
I own a dozen razors and rotated a handful (Karve, Game Changer, Rockwell 6S, Red Tip, Hawk v3 SE) until I got my Wolfman a few weeks ago. I haven't used anything else since.

I can’t see myself using a single razor exclusively but I will likely end up with a milder and a more aggressive Wolfman as well as one SE to mix it up.

I WAS completely happy with my 1956 Red Tip until I found this friggin’ place!
That was my goal, when I stumbled upon this forum... and decided to join.

I'd say about 80% or so of the time I've been using my Timeless .68 scalloped SS, as of late. Before that it was Blackland Vector (which I still take for a spin from time to time and LOVE it).

Today, I'm away from home travelling and I had a shave with my Muhle R89, loaded with fresh Nacet blade, what a great BBS shave it was...

Bottomline - No, I don't have THE ONE, rather a selected few. Same thing with software...

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I have a drawer filled with at least 10 vintage Gillettes as well as some Fatips, Merkurs, and other modern razors, some of which are NIB. I used to rotate 4 or 6 razors but around 2013 I just finished a blade in a black handled Super Speed. Rather than changing both blade and razor I elected to change only the blade. I used that razor almost exclusively until November 2020, when I decided to let it soak and have a 'spa day.' In its stead I chose a red tip Super Speed, and 10 months later I'm still using it. The last time I opened the razor drawer was to drop in the freshly cleaned black handle razor. I have some terrific old razors, and some really nice newer ones, but I couldn't be arsed rotating them.
I have quite a few razors but lately I am enjoying using each individual razor for at least 10 or 12 shaves before switching to a different razor. This approach has allowed me to get better accustomed to each razor's unique attributes. Subsequently switching to the next razor in line has become more interesting since I am now better appreciating the differences between each razor. For example the last few razors I have used were my RR Lupo .95, RR Mamba .70, Schone OC and Gillette SS. Each of these razors is quite different but I really enjoyed using each of them and getting the best shave I can out of them.
I have a few favorites in my large collection of razors and to use them more, what I do is have them them in 5 different racks with 8 razors to a rack.
I have a Gillette rack, Schick injector rack SE, 2 ASR racks with Gem, Everready & star SE & 1 Rack with Modern SE & DE & proto type razors.( Just won a razor in a fund raiser forum rally its new adjustable razor, 4 only in the world made.)
I kind of make a rotation that out of each rack of at least 1 razor will be used and going by 52 weeks in a year my favorite gets 52 uses almost unless I'm using or testing a new razor.
36% are DE and 64% are SE and just truly enjoy the variety of different shaves from different razors and blade systems.
I would use 1 Cartridge razor for years and then Gillette would come out with a new Cart razor model and use it for many years ........... I was a Gillette fanboy for over 30years of cartridge razors. I still like using my Gillette DE razors to this day.
A.S.R. Corporation razors are very good and use them a lot nowadays it seems and single edge(SE) shaving has advantages and at times in history was more advanced then DE razors IMO.
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What is this number "one" to which you refer? :confused1 :letterk1: :innocent: ;) 🤣

I think it could be 301

But its a hobby and a pleasure to shave and enjoy it so a collection we all need Razors, Straights, Brushes, Soaps, Aftershaves my moto is you can never have enough of anything.
Its great when you can look and pick your shave of the day with everything in a mix that way it is what it is a shave of the day and that is priceless
I have have my collection of razors down to about 10 razors. Some DE razors, some SE of the artist club type and a couple of GEM type razors. My favorite since I got it is the DE ATT Windsor Pro SB90 in aluminum. I really love that razor.
The one I use the most after that is the General SE with the Artist Club type blades. Those 2 razors are my favorites by far.
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