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One Pass Shave

Last week shaving doing the normal 2-3 passes, I nicked myself on the chin and upper lip. I kept accidently re-opening the following day or 2. Nothing more than weepers, but enough to be annoying. Took a day off, put a fresh blade into my GC .84 and last 2 days, did a one pass with the grain with nothing more than a slight touchup under the nostril.

I have to say, for me, one pass gets about 90-95 % of my beard. Face was really smooth with the grain.

Who here does just one pass?
I think I just shave and buff, just like when I was using carts. I pretty much use my DE the same as I would a cart. Long strokes on neck and cheeks, short strokes under nose and on the chin. To me it's just like using a one bladed disposable razor (Although a lot more comfortable!) I use shaving soap most of the time with a cheap brush I bought on Amazon, but sometimes if I'm in a hurry I use the white can of Gillette foam I bought at the grocery store.
For reference I'm using a Henson TI22 Medium and Astra SP blades (they are also cheap.)
I also frequently stick to one pass. If it's been a few days I might go with a second mostly XTG or do a little buffing WTG. I find one pass with my Feather blade is still closer than anything you could get with a modern multi-blade and way more comfortable.
Situations require different approaches. I normally shave every other day. Sometimes, I'll go three days if I'm testing out an edge on a straight that I recently honed or touched up. And once and awhile, I'll have a hot edge on a DE that is past it's prime and I get a few weepers. During the latter, I simply opt for "one and done" and call it good.

Whiskers grow back, so does the largest organ on your body (skin). Tomorrow's another day.
I've been a one pass shaver for a few years now, maybe 5. I skip every other day too.

WTG. RazorRock Mamba (original mild one) or even a Gillette Tech.

No one can visibly see the difference between a good one pass shave and a multipass shave. But everyone can spot irritation from multiple passes. I'm a night shaver too.
Long time member of the one pass and done club. I simply don’t want to spend any more time than necessary shaving and it’s just going to grow back in a few hours anyway.
Yeah, I'm long done with a 3 or 4 pass, 30 minute shave. I wish I would have committed to it earlier.

I'd rather be in and out, then have time to lounge around, spend time outside or listen to an LP.


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Sometimes it becomes necessary for reasons like the one you experienced. One downward pass, as you said, will cleanup a great deal and get you by. Quick healing to you! I've definitely been there. It works.
My weekday shaves are generally one-pass affairs with a bit of touch-up on my neck. As long as I'm consistent, I get SAS or better. It takes less time, so I'm less likely to skip the shave altogether if I'm running a bit late.
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