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One of the rarest vintage Gillette razors has found a new home

I was completely unaware of the existence of this thing. What's the story behind it?

Not much is know about this model. 4-5 of them are known to exist and they were made around 1947 as prototypes and most likely given to some of the high ranking Gillette employees to test them, but they were never approved for mass production even though some of the ideas were taken which lead to the creation of the adjustable razors.
I could have never afforded to drop that coin but I can imagine hundreds of wealthy collectors interested in that gem and I'm surprised it went so low.
This sale is a reminder of how cheap the hobby of collecting vintage razors is when the rarest of items and a piece of history sells below the $2.500 mark.
Interesting to see that there are at least three versions of this razor (no emblem, thick knob, thin knob, numbered cap/not numbered).
I’d say rare variants of “hyped” razors will fetch really high prices (adjustables, US/UK hybrid Aristocrat) the rest rarely goes over 2k, doesn’t matter how rare or unique the given razor is.
And judging by the photos this example has some plating problems, so is closer to user grade than to mint.
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