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One of my past home coffee roasting set-ups.


Started with a pop corn maker then made a version of this "Corretto Method" then went to Hottop then to a Has Garanti 5kg then back to this set up.
I gave up my addiction to coffee for a couple of years and now getting back into it, so will probably make something like this again soon.
The picture I have included was a double paddle breadmaker and could roast 700gms with ease but the sweet spot was 650gms. The whole set up cost next to nothing and I could even use a data logger to record and repeat profiles.

Looking forward to building another but will try a variable temp heat gun this time.
Have you ever tried these heat guns

Two of the 750º - 1000ºF variable heating elements are used in my 1 lb San Franciscan drum roaster as the burners.

Looks like some serious power Mick. The heat gun in the picture is a $20 no brander and did very well.
Looks like some serious power Mick. The heat gun in the picture is a $20 no brander and did very well.

I've heard several bread machine roasters talk about the Steinel 2010E heat gun: http://www.steinel.net/Professional-Heat-Guns/HL2010E

Rather pricy ($200 +/-) but digitally adjustable for heat output which would be sweet.

I am using two of the burners from the high power Master heat guns (raw burners under the drum, 1750 watts 14.5 amp draw each). I am trying to set up a controller to run the heat output of both. Another couple weeks to the first roast that machine has seen in 20 +/- years.



When I bought it, the roaster was little more than a semi functioning caucus with a lot of issues. I've had to go through and completely redesign and rebuild the heat control and power distribution. The only thing that worked was the cyclone chafe blower and the drum motor. Holes in the heating chamber and the electrics were welded together internally so all out the window and starting with a new cord onward.

It should be one sweet coffee roasting mini-monster when/if I finish....

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