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One Man's Pen Story

Greetings to all! I thought I would make a little introductory post here in the Nib.

WARNING: Incoming wall o' text!

I last used a fountain pen regularly in high school, where the Classics teachers required us to use them for our assignments. Fast forward, oh, 25 years, and I discover Badger and Blade forums while trying to learn as much as I could about this wet-shaving thing I had read about. I have been a full-on DE convert, and regular forum follower, since August. I kept noticing references to the Nib forums, which I ignored largely because I tend to get interested in something and then spend way too much time and energy learning about whatever holds my fancy at the moment.

But fountain pens are cool! So I browsed the forums and found some blogs and learned that a Pilot Metropolitan was a likely starter pen. (Mind you, actually starting with an inexpensive starter pen instead of blowing my lunch money on an M205 was a rare example of self-control.) I pulled the trigger and ordered a plain silver medium nib Metro and some ink cartridges. Well, only after placing and removing the con-20 and con-50 and several ink sample packages in and out of my shopping cart a few times.

The pen came in on a Friday, I had great fun unwrapping it but didn’t really get to play with it much what with three kids under the age of five and whatever else I had to do that weekend. I was pretty excited to clip the pen in my shirt pocket as I headed out for work on Monday. I was even more excited to find my shirt pocket free of ink stains when I got to work on Monday! (I have vivid memories of the old high school cheapies leaking a full cart into my uniform.)

Once I settled in at my desk I scribbled a few doodles and phrases, and brought the pen with me as I went to make a copy of whatever TPS report came across my desk that morning. Made the copy, opened the door to my department suite, and somehow knocked the uncapped pen out of my left hand with the door I was opening with my right hand. Aghast, I stared at the pen on the ground for what seemed an eternity. I snapped to, picked up the pen and worriedly checked out the nib. The nib was ok, but . . .
$broken pen.jpg
I don’t even think I had written a whole sentence with that pen!!

I swear I must have pouted and felt sorry for myself for about a week and a half before I ordered a new silver metro. And a Charcoal EF Lamy Safari and carts. And a Rhodia notebook...

And I love them. Then the wife and kids got me a Kaweco sport and a TWSBI 580 and (finally) those ink samples for Christmas.

Now I have a nice little collection of pens, a few ink samples, some parts for my silver metro, and a valuable lesson on caring for pens!

So anyway, thanks for all the chatter on the forums, you have claimed another victim.

Cheers and Happy New Year!



Cheaper than ink
Thanks for sharing your tale! Sounds like you took it on the chin and have luckily kept your positive attitude. Remember that without posting the cap they roll off of the desk nicely, don't ask me how I know this.


Fridays are Fishtastic!
One of the reasons my pens are always either capped or posted. If the pen is off balanced while posted, I get rid of the pen.
Enjoy and thanks for sharing your story. 30 odd years ago my mom bought me a blue demonstrator (pen type unknown). I've been on and off with FPs for the past three years but keep coming back to demonstrators....wonder why!


And enjoy the TWSBI. There are some on the boards that despise them, but I've found it to be quite a reliable writer!
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