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One heck of a knife!

Just went to the Israeli manufacturer himself, mr. Meir from Tel-Aviv, who produces these wonderful Israeli-made "DuStar" tactical killer-knives. We had a long talk about knife manufacturing, design, and different metals.

Have to say it was a very interesting conversation with a true professional. Quite an honor to speak with this man who has more than 30 years' worth of experience at producing high-quality equipment for very honest prices. A simple, straightforward, no-nonsense and no frills approach, no BS, just straight to the point and mean business.

When I asked him about the "Arad" model, he just handed me the knife and said: "here, take it, look at it, check it every way you can. If you understand knives, you won't need any explanations. These are among the last couple that are still left, I've stopped making them, you got here just in time".

And he was right. His knives are everything one needs, and if you do understand knives, you will come to appreciate them after about a minute of looking, checking and playing around with them. I would dare to say it again: I have NEVER seen this level of a knife for such a price. If he was "Randall", he would charge you 650$ for this knife, and many knife-afficionados would be happy to acquire it and proud to own it.

Among other clear advantages, one of their stronger points is that they are indestructible. And with blade made from D2 (that comes insanely sharp) and intuitive, classic, extremely sturdy and smart design they really are. Also, the handles are very ergonomic and sit just right in your hand.

I came for the "Arad" model, but when I saw some of other things he was manufacturing, I was really into it. Of course I have bought the "Arad", but he also showed me another model - a smaller knife called "Magen", and it was love from the first sight. I fell in love with it and actually bought two! Heck, it was the last chance to own them. I personally think, that even taking into account the quality of "Arad", the "Magen" is an even greater design. It is the best and the coolest tactical-utility-outdoors knife I ever came by. Just no words about this one. No words, period. He could of asked 300$ for it easily and no one would even blink an eye. You can find and look at the pictures and the specs of the last "Arad" models still being sold on a few different specialty sites.

But I will show you the pictures of the "Magen" model. I am actually interested in what your impressions will be, and whether you will understand why I fell in love with it. I bought both the regular and the tinted-blade versions.

Here are the specs of the knife from an old advertisement sheet:

Dustar Magen.jpg

And this is how the (un-tinted version) knife I've bought looks:




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I wonder what his take is on more rust resistant/rust proof steels like the LC200N and the H1. As someone who enjoys surf fishing and also likes carrying a pocket knife (fixed blades are more problematic where I live), I've had knives rust and pit on me. If I were to own just one pocket knife, it would have to be either a serrated H1 or a LC200N in either plain edge or serrated edge.

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I am new here. Still have not received mine. It was ordered last week hope it comes soon. But in the meantime doing some research. I have about 30 small pocket knives that I need to sharpen. Most are 20 or 30 years old and many are the 3 blade type. I have not found a single video or any information about sharpening them on the web. Any suggestions would be appreciated

Everyone seems to have good results with Spyderco Sharpmaker ...

But the various Smith's tools are easy, too.

Good luck! 30 is a lot to sharpen.

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