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One Final Razor

Putting all the suggestions of “yeah right” aside, I need your advice.

To start, this is my current lineup:

Merkur Futur
Merkur 37C slant
Parker Semi-slant (not used that often)
RazoRock MJ-90A
Muhle Rocca R96 V4
Rockwell 6S

I have almost finished my RAD phase and have almost reached a point of contentment where I use my gear for pure enjoyment.

I used to have a Merkur Progress long handle which I did like but sold it to my father. I want to add one final DE to my collection. I do have a bit of remorse over getting rid of the Progress.

I am contemplating getting either a Karve CB with B/C/plates or another Progress Long Handle.

I prefer to shave daily and most times reach for the 6S (R4). If I have to go a few days without shaving I tend to reach for the R96 or the 37C.

Any input you can provide would be most helpful.
I love my brass Karve CB. B/C will give you a choice of mild and medium. And you can always choose another level or try an OC or SB, whichever you didn't get. I have a 3", but it seems to me that 4" is plenty long if that is what you want. The Karve will definitely be a change from what you have.
If you regret and miss the Progress, it is a very nice razor and worth replacing. The Karve is also excellent, and a work of art in my opinion. Here's a twist: To try something different and in full brass so you don't need to worry about deterioration, maybe the Pearl Flexi is worth a look.
Not sure what you budget is, but I can whole heartedly recommend Yates 921-M/H, ATT Windsor, and Henson AL13. Nothing wrong with getting a another Progress if you have regrets of parting with your first one. A nice Slim adjustable may be worth a look as well. I didn't have much luck with the Karve brass and ended up selling it off.


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Personally I would go with an ATT Windsor. It is smooth. It is efficient. It comes with mild/regular or regular/heavy plates, or, if you dip into recent, hence still available, history, mild, regular, and heavy. They are lovely if you like an heavier razor, one where the razor's weight does the preponderance of the work. If you score a copper plate, so much the better. They heat up nicely.
I suggest a vintage Gillette RFB so you can experience the beauty & superb shaves that can be achieved with a 90 year old razor, or for under $25 go with an icon, the Gillette Tech. For new, I suggest Timeless Titanium, .68 if you want mild & efficient, .95 if you want smooth & amped up efficiency.
I suggest a vintage Gillette RFB so you can experience the beauty & superb shaves that can be achieved with a 90 year old razor, or for under $25 go with an icon, the Gillette Tech….

+1! Great suggestions! Definitely worth trying IMO!! :thumbup1:
There is insufficient enabling in this thread. I'd suggest a Gillette Old Type because you lack both vintage and open comb. And because I like them but razors are almost as subjective as blades.

After that you really do owe it to yourself to try an SE with a thicker blade used at a shallower angle like Gem, injector, or AC. Even if you ultimately opt not to use them for most of your hopefully thousands of remaining shaves, the experience of getting to terms with a new format helped improve my technique.

For that same reason also give a straight razor and/or shavette a shot. But also because they offer a sublime experience and are more intuitive than you might expect.
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