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    I have been drooling over the OneBlade for a while; I can't afford the Genesis, and was not sure if the Core would be worth it, considering that I can get an all stainless DE for the same price. Then OneBlade had the $8 Try-a-Blade special. I immediately ordered it, and fell in love with the Hybrid (granted, the Genesis is nicer, but the Hybrid performs the same at a more reasonable price). The Core just didn't feel right against my face, for some reason. It was the best shave I've had (been wet shaving for about a year now). I have course, but slow-growing and sparse beard growth. With a decent shave, I can go every other day, without a problem. This morning I went for shave #2 with Hybrid. The blade dragged, and it was nowhere as close of a shave as shave #1. The Hybrid is expensive. I can rationalize that as a good one time investment that will last the rest of my life. The blades are expensive, but if they last me a week shaving every other day, then I can begrudgingly put up with that. But having to change it with every shave? I can't justify that cost.

    So my question is, what would you recommend to replace it? I know nobody else has the pivoting head, but in terms of angle, mild/aggressive, this was perfect for me. Again, I don't mind putting out money for the one time investment, as long as the blades are not going to cost me an arm and a leg.
  2. I had one and I felt it gave a perfect shave. Close and very smooth. I ended up selling it because it was boring. Shaving is my hobby and want something that requires some skill.
    To answer your question, I think it is a good investment. The overall price for blades is not going to break you I would think.
  3. The ONLY time I used a Feather FHS blade in a OneBlade was when I tried it in a pass around a couple of years back. After getting my own Genesis, I have taken the time and trouble of despining and notching regular Gem blades. I usually get about 5-6 shaves with those blades and they are just as smooth (if not smoother) than the Feather blades it was designed to use. You are able to get away with just despining a Gem and not notching it as it will hold in place through friction alone, but I found that the blade angle is different and not as efficient. Because I use my OneBlade only on weekends, preparing two Gem blades at a time usually last me a month.
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    How do you notch it?
  6. One blade is having a 50% off sale on almost everything this weekend.
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    I just went to their web page and didn’t see anything on sale.
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    I received this email on the 13th from OneBlade saying nearly all items are half price
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