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Once upon a time a young lad hated shaving...

But not Anymore!


Smoll Intro:


In Mexico wet shaving lives behind the shadow of the "beard cult". It is almost impossible to find anything related to wet shaving in the local supermarkets/drugstores, even the stores that supply barbershops only sell 1 kind of DE blades (Dorco ST300) , with a little of luck maybe you find Lord SS blades, good thing we are living in 2020 and Amazon/eBay exist :c1:.

The Disposable razor was my enemy and the electric was hell, couldn't bring my self to shave my beard even once a month. Couldn't figure it out how others shave almost daily without living with continuous pain (black magic!),
for me shaving meant at least 1 week of irritation around my neck and face, razor burn all over my face with ingrowth hairs, just awful.

Until one day I decided to look on the internet for solutions and after seeing few websites and videos I decided to star my journey thought the wet shaving "cult".

The first step of my DE/wet shave adventure begins about 1 month ago when I purchased my first "shave kit" :

Gillette Aristocrat 1946-1947 for around 28 bucks, not bad I must say.

100 x Astra SP
Proraso Pro Boar
Arko (puck)
Aluminum bowl
Savela Aftershave + Savela skin tonic (local brand, gf recommended)
Niancimide and H
ilaurinoc acid gel.
Alum bar.
Pure Shea butter (AS)




About two weeks in wets having and couldn't resist to buy another razor...:em2300: Gillette Heritage, found it on Amazon for 27-28 bucks, insta buy


Loving it, have shaved 2 times with this one and I like it. Don't know why but i have something for the Gillette Razors, not nostalgia related, I wasn't even born when Gillette stopped producing razors and until recently I only knew of the existence of disposables. Straight razors and Shavettes to me where obsolete stuff that you can only found in some barbershops.

My latest experiment involves finding a "cheap" after-shave that I could buy without reaching the online stores. Happy to report that Barbasol soothing aloe (can) works wonders. Although I enjoyed my shaves using a mix of oil as Pre-shave, in the last shave before I tried the can of barbasol I got a very bad razor burn near my mouth (mustache section), have to stop for 3 days to let it heal, during those days I look up in B&B for something that could help me, found a tread where users discussed the efficiency of foam cans and few reported very good results using foam cans as pre-shave , decided to give it a try and for my good luck the local drugstore near my house was selling Barbasol in the local drugstore near my house...perfecto.

Just apply a thin layer of Barbasol before the soap, let it sit for 1-2 minutes then i proceed to spread the soap with the brush.

WOOOOOW! 9 / 10 almost perfect, have to improve my technic more for the last point.

Last shave setup.

Little more info abut me:

My skin tends to be greasy in the T zone, forehead and around my mouth, little dry around the cheeks and my neck seems to be "normal". Yes... a total mess hahaha. Have to be careful with the products that I use, my skin can't handle greasy creams / oils or stuff that clogs my pores like shea butter,
I realized this when I started using a pure shea butter as aftershave, if I use any of those, acne starts to show up and my cheeks get very red. Aloe Vera is my biggest friend and anything that comes in gel (non-greasy) formulas :em2200:

I will be updating this thread frequently, not sure if daily.

Thanks for reading and have a great shave!

pd: just to let you know that English is not my native language, be patient, I'm trying my best to make a readable and enjoyable journal :em2300:
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