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GIVEAWAY! On the 10th day of Pifsmas... a Duca Eraldo pipe

On the 10th day of pifsmas I give to thee a duca eraldo pipe! I grabbed this pipe a few years back with the intention of making it my yard work pipe but it never took the place of my other work pipes. The pipe is stamped "duca eraldo" which is a lower cost brand from savinelli if I remember correctly.

The pipe is pretty nice! Its a deep bend and clinches great! Has what I would guess is an imitation horn ferrule and a rough almost plateau rim. It will also accept the 6mm savinelli balsa filters.

The pipe will be sanitized and ready to smoke for the new owner. The pipe does have some flaws but its a good smoking pipe. Hopefully someone will enjoy it 👍.

To participate just post an "I'm in". Shipping within the USA only please. I'll let this go for a week and pick a random winner on Christmas eve. Good luck and merry Christmas everyone!





The Lather Maestro
Love it, and great PIF! Respectfully not in, though. I'm pipe PIF'd blessed and letting 6 go by before playing again. This is #4, I think! :)
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So I just won a 12 Days of Christmas PIF, the 5 year old Escudo. This is a wonderful pipe here, one I am still very interested in. But I feel like I should gracefully withdraw and let someone else win this. So, respectfully, I'm no longer in. Good luck to everyone! And again, thank you @Ponycarman for a very generous PIF!
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