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Omega tube

Wow! SWMBO was at a local surplus grocery and came across this, sent me pics. I said get them all plus some clubman and modern old spice. Anyway, shaved with this omega a tube and was duly impressed. Very, very slick. Lather was created almost simultaneously with the wet brush touching it. $1.50 a tube can’t be beat!! That’s the surplus price, not sure what regular is. But it’s a nice cream. Not a lot of scent. Post shave feel was very luxurious.


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The wife's investment
Might be the old formulation with lanolin.

People often compare it to Proraso. However, the old formulation was far superior. I think it prepped the whiskers better and had much better lubrication.
That is one of my favorite creams I've ever used I just prefer metal tubed creams because they stay rolled up as you use them so I don't buy it often. If I found that for $1.50 per tube I would buy them all.
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