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Omega tube

Wow! SWMBO was at a local surplus grocery and came across this, sent me pics. I said get them all plus some clubman and modern old spice. Anyway, shaved with this omega a tube and was duly impressed. Very, very slick. Lather was created almost simultaneously with the wet brush touching it. $1.50 a tube can’t be beat!! That’s the surplus price, not sure what regular is. But it’s a nice cream. Not a lot of scent. Post shave feel was very luxurious.


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Raven Koenes

My precious!
That's one good find. I have the Omega Eucalipto in the croap version. It's pretty slick. The new Omega Via Barberia line is also quite excellent.


The wife's investment
Might be the old formulation with lanolin.

People often compare it to Proraso. However, the old formulation was far superior. I think it prepped the whiskers better and had much better lubrication.
That is one of my favorite creams I've ever used I just prefer metal tubed creams because they stay rolled up as you use them so I don't buy it often. If I found that for $1.50 per tube I would buy them all.
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