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Omega Syntex Synthetic Fibre Bristle Shaving Brush EXPERIENCE?

You won't like it.It does its job, you can shave with it but its money ill spent.

I am also in NEO
There are far better synthetics on the market. The HJM Black Fibre is a good, low cost synthetic. If you just want an inexpensive brush, but you're not picky about the bristles, try a boar brush.
Contrary opinion here...I have a syntex "Pro", have used it a lot---and I like it. It seems like it will be a disaster when you first load it up---the bristles sort of stick together in a mass. But syntex easily produces a LOT of lather, and the bristles distribute it well on the face. The tips don't have a real soft feel, but if you "paint" with a brush, using sideways strokes rather than dabbing, it does a nice job.

That being said, I wouldn't give up my well-broken Omega boars for it---they are wonderful brushes when broken in, and more pleasant than the syntex. I also have an Omega nylon and a TGN nylon---they have a much softer feel, but don't generate as much lather as the syntex. I especially like the TGN synthetic---it is extremely soft.
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