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Omega Speedmaster...Hesalite

Hey All...

Hello from freezing cold and soon to be snow covered Oklahoma!!!

My questions are as follows:

Omega Speedmaster with the hesalite crystal. A new one... but not the TOTALLY REDESIGNED NEW MODEL 2021. Any thoughts on this model? Any problems with the plastic/hesalite crystal scuffing or cracking easily than a sapphire one? Give me the pros and cons on this model. A friend just bought one for Christmas and had it adjusted by the AD-Authorized Dealer and swers the dealer put a tiny scuff in the hesalite crystal. He's taking it back to the AD to have them buff it.

The one in question:
Moonwatch Professional Speedmaster Steel Chronograph Watch 311. | OMEGA US® - https://www.omegawatches.com/en-us/watch-omega-speedmaster-moonwatch-professional-chronograph-42-mm-31130423001005?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campagne=surfaces&gclid=CjwKCAiAjp6BBhAIEiwAkO9Wuk4_0LQZQEUrnyYV5kDy9E6MmuABYSkDjqMR0zyBPjMvqaCQ3OpUARoC4HcQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

The Ins and Outs of Hesalite | MONTREDO - https://www.montredo.com/the-ins-and-outs-of-hesalite/

I think it comes down to personal preference. I want it as authentic as possible - that is the point of such a piece for me, its heritage. I don't see that mine is scuffed but if I were to look closely I imagine I might find something and this is after six years. What would constitute enough of a scuff to bug you? So it is twofold for me, authenticity and your own degree of tolerance of scuffs. As noted in the article it is easily buffed out if it were scuffed. I wouldn't sweat it.
Never had any problems with the Hesalite "crystal". On a 40+ year old Speedy it has been replaced once as part of an overhaul. Of course it scuffs more easily than sapphire. You can polish light scuffs with something like polywatch if they bother you. Deep scracthes would probably require replacement. Personally, I like old Speedys - Hesalite and all.
I have 2003 speedy auto and it has a plastic crystal - I’m sure it has some scuffing but you can’t notice it.

You don’t get as much reflection and if you do need to have it replaced it’s relatively cheap but it’s supposed to be pretty durable for everyday use.

Guess it depends how careful you are. If you want a watch that you can beat up on and not worry about, then maybe you want a more ruggedised watch.
Look at sapphire and hesalite side by side, the visual differences are readily apparent and your decision will be made.

About the only advantage of sapphire to me is the display caseback if that appeals to you (you can get aftermarket ones for the hessy if you desire).


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I've got a 30th Anniversary Speedy (1999) that looks just fine with the Hesalite
Like another reply mentioned, a little Polywatch will buff any marks right out. Takes a few minutes.

I have a 1977 Speedie Pro that I wear regularly. The hesalite crystal adds a warmth and vibe you can’t get with sapphire.

I figure if it was good enough for NASA, it’s good enough for me!
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