Omega 10098 vs 48

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Omega 48 vs 10098

  1. 48

  2. 10098

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    I have been using the Omega48 for years as a unique brush. Now it is time to change and the long handle 10098 is also an option.

    Simple, which one?

  1. 98 of course at least its different and a change of scenery. That or find a different handle to transplant your 48 knot.

    Happy shaves
  2. I have the 98 and it's a lather beast. It handles anything I throw at it and works equally well for bowl and face lathering.
  3. Ordered two 98s. To allow 48 hours dry. All new: different brush, aproach, usage...
  4. Wow that's commitment! :a14::a14::a14:
  5. :a14::a14::a14::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::shaving:
  6. I love the 10098. It is a very large knot and creates a lot of lather. I have quite a few brushes, so I use this one primarily for firmer soaps. Once broken in, the face feel of the Omega is as nice as my premium silvertip badgers that cost 10 times as much.
  7. I just "found" this brush that uses the same knot as the 10098. The 20102.
  8. Very nice ordering 2, congrats!
  9. Are you stopping using the 48 ? I was considering getting the 48.
  10. Hi Clay S,

    I think the 20102 is even bigger. The 48/98 is 27/65 the 20102 is 28/60 the largest I think is the 80 which measure 28/65.


  11. Alb,

    I have been using a 48 for years. No complaint at all. Not even one. Just refreshing the stable. I have been thinking of it deeply and the 48 has been a tough contender till the last round.

    To be honest, I also have a 49 that I got by mistake. This is my travel brush. Blindfolded, I could not feel the difference between 48 and 49.

    Go for it and you will join the magic of the big ones.
  12. Glad to hear your feedback. Thanks. I have 3 nice boars but recently I am enjoying synthetic and badgers. Maybe the 48 could spark the boar passion that I had once again .
  13. Omega sent me an e-mail that it is the same knot as the 10098. I sent an e-mail asking what knots are the same as the 10098, both because of this thread and personal interest. I would repost it, but it has boilerplate legalese that says it is only for the intended recipient. I asked particularly about wooden handles. Looking at it, it is the same snap on top.

    Happy Shaves!
  14. I have both.
    I like both.
    I've got the 48 stashed away while the 98 is in regular rotation. I'll come back to the 48 at some point, but I'm preferring the handle on the 98.
  15. 48 and 20102 side by side, both excellent brushes.
  16. I have the 48 and 49, the 48 is my favourite brush by a long way. That 20102 looks very interesting will put it on the list after the next two Naniwa stones.
  17. Hi Clay ,

    Thanks for the info.

    Omega has pretty bad details on their site except to say the height. No precise measurements on diameter, loft, splay or much else lol.

  18. Yeah, I mentioned that when I was asking for knots the size of the 10098.
  19. Hi Clay S,

    Maggard, Connaughtshaving all have the 98 as 27/65 and the 20102 at 28/60 or 59

    It's the Italians I don't trust when it comes to precision or details, fashion, food yes, detailed info less do lol!

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