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Omaha Steaks??


The wife's investment
Anyone have any experience with these? I see they are very expensive and I have a neighbor that has a box delivered about twice a month, but I don't know him, nor do I think want to.

So what's the deal, are these things really worth $20+ per pound?
The wife and I have ordered them in the past. Very good cuts of meat. We like them because they come individually wrapped and are very easy to thaw out at a moments notice(they come with instructions that come with the meat but I believe you set the individual cuts of meat, which are vacuum sealed in plastic, in a bowl of cold water). The price is hard to justify but the quality is there every time.
Great product and a little expensive. We used to buy from them but alas, there's nothing like the local butcher shop....
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The wife's investment
I find the local butcher shop and the high end grocer both have better steaks than Omaha at a lower price.

Thanks, that's exactly what I suspected. There is actually a pretty decent butcher shop that is not too far from me. While their prices are high, they are still much less than Omaha.
As a Christmas tradition, I used to order the boneless prime rib roast or the chateaubriand for myself and my best friend, who is married. I also surprised my smart-a** co-worker one year with a roast, after he gave me some major heat about being a Scrooge.

The quality is there, but, I don't know. I started ordering prime cuts of meat from the local butcher. Face to face contact, no phone salesperson pushing things you don't want, or need. You get what you want, and the people working behind that counter are pros; they know what they're talking about. And, as alluded, once Omaha's got you, they don't want to let go... it's like having a wood tick with a frozen box of steaks on you.

Occasionally, they'll offer you a combo package for a good price. In the end, you have to decide for yourself.

The bad thing about buying from concerns like these is the high costs of shipping that have to be attached. I have had Omaha steak before and it was great (though I didn't buy it) and I have ordered things from Lobel's of Madison Avenue. Both were great, both were reasonable before shipping and both were over priced once shipping was added in. An experience, yes, sustainable, not on my modest income! Would I do it if I could afford to, maybe a little more often though I do not see myself buying regularly


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Lobel's is unquestionably NYC's high end butcher shop, but if you can't get great meat in any major metropolitan area, you're doing something wrong. Even the value conscious Fairways chain has terrific prime beef.

Talk to the butcher, tell him what you like, take suggestions, and eat good fresh meat.
Omaha is great if you don't have a local place with good cuts or if you're sending a gift to someone. There's nothing like coming home and finding a cooler of meat on your front porch from out-of-state family. When it comes to buying meat for yourself, if you've got a good butcher or grocer nearby, stick with that.
I've eaten them. Some people might think they're great but I thought they were only ok. I've gotten better at Safeway.
I've ordered from Omaha on several occasions and I've always been pleased with what I have received.

Sure, it isn't going to beat out a fresh cut from a local butcher in a taste test or price comparison... but, that isn't why you buy frozen meat. Or at least, that's not why I buy frozen meat. I buy because it is available at a moments notice and it comes packaged individually so it will keep for a long time.

They're great for midnight snacks, when you're working on a project but you can't leave, or when you just don't feel like going anywhere... grab one or two from the freezer, let it thaw for an hour, throw it on the grill and you're good to go. Or have the lil' mrs do it for you like I did :biggrin:

As far as cost, only shop from the Value Assortments and the Complete Meals. That is where the real deals are located at a significant discount... sometimes 50-75% off!
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A friend of mine in NYC dropped a chest of Omaha steaks on my doorstep when I closed on my new house last summer.

Those steaks (filet mignon) were great. Even the BURGERS were amazingly good!

But after seeing the prices on the website, I'm good with the ribeyes I buy locally. Yep. I surely am. :blink:



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+ many - Omaha is overpriced, middling quality, but convenient if you canna buy good stuff locally, and aren't capable of wrapping & freezing it yourself .. same for Loebels of NYC, except they are WAY overpriced but of much higher quality

Either are good for gifting, but that is about all
I find the local butcher shop and the high end grocer both have better steaks than Omaha at a lower price.

This^ I like to support local businesses and have found a great butcher close to me. Omaha's steaks are quite good, but the returns are diminishing too fast at that level IMO.
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