Olive seems popular these days.

Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by GAW9576, Jan 18, 2019.

    I was inspired by @Graydog and his Olive Wood Again,,,,,,,,Nice Grain! post. So I chucked up some olive wood that I've had for a while.
    I started two brush handles but the other one ended up having a crack in it, I determined it wasn't worth saving.
    This one however is coming along quite nicely so far. I will most likely be putting a 24mm knot from Maggards in it.

    20190118_164808.jpg 20190118_164740.jpg
  1. Beautiful! You are really showing off the wood.

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  2. Yeah, I have noticed some brush handles and also strightrazor scales that were beautiful. Maybe sometime in the future I will get something to scratch that itch!

  3. Beautiful handle!
  4. rockviper

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    Olive wood is wonderful. We have a cutting board made from it that we picked up in Greece.
  5. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    Do you notice the scent of the wood when you are working with it , the stuff I was playing with
    had a wonderful smell when I cut it .
  6. Yes. I love the smell, I forgot to mention that.

    I ended up sanding that CA finish off. My technique most just be horable with applying it because I just can't get a satisfactory finish. I am now applying a water based poly and it looks much better. So far!
  7. I was thinking about all the stuff like cutting boards, cups and morter and pestle I see made out of Olive wood. I wonder what finish they use, some items look like just raw wood, if so I wounder if the olive brush handle even needs a finish. I know the Gaboon ebony handle I made years ago has no finish and that's my only brush so lots of use, and it's in really good shape. Although it can be a pain to clean the soap off of sometimes. Just thinking out loud. Or rather typing out my thoughts. Sorry.
  8. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    I know that they use different oils and beeswax , The oil must be ok for consumption
    if it's going to be used for any kind of food prep.

    This is what I do for a CA finish , I use nylite gloves fromm HF turn the lathe to it's slowest speed and
    with my left hand I apply the CA a few drops at a time and spread it over the handle in a thin coat.
    let it dry and repeat. I sometimes have to between coats use a very fine steel wool or sandpaper and lightly hit the handle I then use a soft rag to wipe it down and get rid of any dust that might be on it .
    The secret is to apply many thin coats
  9. Thank you. I've read how before but must be missing something. I'm probably putting it on to thick or over working it once it's on.
    I will have to try this out on some test pieces and get the process down because man is it a pain in the butt to sand off once you do it wrong
  10. ajkel64

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    Beautiful handle, well done.
  11. Thank you. I have one or two more coats of finish to put on it then I just have to wait till I can pick up a few knots and decide what is going in it.
  12. Looking great so far, and that’s a beautiful piece of olive. I’ll be watching this thread to see how it looks when it’s finished.
  13. Thank you. I tried some of the techniques you suggested in a previous thread. It helped quite a bit. I need more practice though.
    I will definitely post another pic soon with the final finish. But it will be a bit before I get a knot for it.
  14. A CA finish takes some practice, but once you get it down you’ll love it. There’s nothing wrong with using poly, it’s very durable and as you’ve noticed, quite a bit easier to use. I recommend poly for beginners even though I rarely use it. The reason being, you want something that turns out good and you can be proud of making yourself. There’s no reason to beat yourself to death and end up disappointed by trying a technique that is a little more advanced. Nothing will turn somebody away from a hobby faster than failed attempts. Take small steps and you’re more likely to stick with it and progress. And from the look of it, you should definitely stick with it.
  15. Thank you very much @CigarSmoka I think I will lightly sand the final coat on that tomorrow and post a pic or two. I was wondering how salad bowl finish would do on a shave brush handle. Seems like it should hold up fine.
    You make brushes also. Can you link a few posts of yours? I haven't seen any of your brushes.
  16. +1

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. That is a beautiful brush. Looks to be Olive wood, mother of pearl and boar. Very classy shape.

    Here is my handle, impatiently awaiting a knot.

    20190126_100947_HDR~2.jpg 20190126_101751_HDR~2.jpg 20190126_101803_HDR~2.jpg 20190126_101839_HDR~2.jpg
  18. Yes, Olive wood as this topic.
    MOP is Abalone.
    But loft is a new synth, the Yaqi Cashmere aka Maggard Beige.

    The shape is from an italian carpenter, Bat71 on the ilRasoio.
    And CA finish makes It shining.

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