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I have the "spray cologne" and hate it. It's now a one-spray-only air freshener.

A headachy aquatic. But that's just me; aquatics are ever-so-popular these days.

Luckily it was like $4 at Big Lots.

For me it is the sort of thing that has put me off of popular, modern fragrances. It is candy sweet without much in the way of complexity. I am 38 and was in my 20s during the 2000's metrosexual craze. That's when fragrances started moving in to the sweet and one dimensional direction. Now I am nearly middle aged and very little has changed as far a popular tastes. Now these fragrances seem adolescent and effeminate to me. I am willing to say it may be a matter of "age appropriateness" and my tastes shifting. But for my part , I am sick of them and can't stand to wear them anymore. No axe, no OS swagger, no department store fragrances.

I have gone way old school and many probably do not like what I choose to wear. There is nothing offensive about Wolfthorn, I just would not be happy wearing. That's what you have to find. People will get used to it but you have to be happy.

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