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oldie but maybe not so goodie

Hi all - pulled out a tub of Xpec today

it was always such a great performer for me but today it just didnt get there. Lather was thin and dried quickly so i rinsed and started again. Tried massive loading, more/less water amounts and a denser brush - after trying that I even pulled some out and bowl lathered with a huge dollop.
I survived the shave but it fell very far short of my memories of this cream.

It is part of a big rotation and is quite old - so probably just gone 'bad'. The scent is still strong and the texture doesnt seem to have changed much - its still soft.
I have had this with the nuavia soaps over time - I know some have seen this too.

Anyone have a similar experience with xpec?
How about your other soft soaps?

thanks for your comments
Doesn't sound like it's gone bad since the scent and texture are fine. Maybe you just grew out of it? In my head I consider a lot of soaps that I haven't tried in a long time good. But sometimes when I get back to them they just aren't as good as I thought.
thank you - i thought that too. maybe just not used to it anymore. Ill keep trying
it was always a good one for me, no stress loading and lathering more than enough, today it was bad, not just mediocre
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