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Older Newbie Check-in

Whenever I felt the urge to try a new to me wet shaving product, B&B was always my first stop for honest reviews. For that, I thank the forum. You've been pretty free and easy with my money!

I've been a wet shaver for decades. My first brush and mug (1979 Old Spice) were gifted to me by my grandfather, which I still have put away somewhere to be handed down when the time comes. Might be better served to pitch that brush! I also have his 1940's Super Speed in gold and my dad's '62 slim adjustable. I've added quite a few to the collection with my latest favs being Parker and Razorock slants and a Razorock Mamba. I also love my Techs.

Regular Creams/Soaps are CF, TOBS, T&H, Proraso and my blades of choice are Derby/Astra with the Slants and Feathers/Voskhod otherwise.
I rotate a few other blades but these see the most use. Shavmac and Semogue Silvertip Brushes round out the kits.

Looking forward to learning more that I know about the craft and keeping an eye on product reviews by all the great contributors.
Thanks for having me!


Welcome! Although B&B is full of rabbit holes, none of them contain the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog. Don't run away.:biggrin1:


Welcome to the forum Sir Robin. Thanks for checking in with us and sharing your experience with us.
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