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Old Tech Questions

A few years ago I bought this old Tech on eBay, listed as "military issue." I know, "buy the razor, not the story," and I did. I wanted a fat handle, triangle slot Tech, and that's what I got, although the story does add some spice.


I've always had my doubts, though, because of that handle. Even with the black, it looks too fancy to be issue. I'm pretty sure the head is wartime. The baseplate is steel, the cap is... not brass (zamak, I'm guessing?), and both were coated black. The handle was also coated black, mostly, and it also seems to be made of... not brass. I found a bit more info here, but mine obviously doesn't have the gold head.

Any thoughts on what I've got? Semi-Frankenrazor, with head and handle put together later? Or were they always together, like they already had the handle and figured they might as well use it?
Military issue Techs that I have seen have black plastic handles. Your razor may have had a transplant. Check out the Mr. Razor site, he has good pictures of most of the Techs going back to the earliest ones.
Agreed, WWII era razors had Bakelite handles along with the head and cap being black as well.

I think you have a Frankenrazor where the handle does not match the head or cap (which might be WWII vintage).


The Aussie Bulldog
Looks like it might be a Frankenrazor. Anyway it still should shave like a Tech which is fantastic. Use it and enjoy it. I would.
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