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Old Spice Traveler Set for trade

I'd like to offer up for trade an Old Spice Traveler set, No. 365. It still contains the aftershave and the talcum. Both bottles seem to be full. Marked as Shulton Clifton, N.J. Toronto.

The bottles themselves are in great condition. I assume the product is in great condition, but I haven't checked it. The box is, let's be honest, in something like "fair" condition. There is some wear on the corners, and there was at some point a price tag or other sticker on the inside of the flap. It ain't bad ... but it sure ain't mint.
That's what I know or thought of to check for. If you have questions about anything else, I'm happy to take a look for you. I can even add a picture or two if it will help, just let me know what matters.

I'm open to offers, but what I'm most interested in adding to the line up right now is an apothecary mug. Not looking for collectibility, so I don't care about that one way or the other. Just looking for utility, in the design I've seen on Col. Conk mugs, or the ones in the (nicer) VDH set.

I'll ship to you (CONUS) and you ship to me. Let's both improve our collections!


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