Old Spice New Vs Old why do people complain about the difference?

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by MajorMinceMeat, Aug 23, 2019.

    Respectfully I say, "whatever". I guess you will remain "offput", because we will talk about old versus new.
  1. Bhugo

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    You need a hug.
  2. OS vs New OS has always been the third rail.
  3. I think you guys are missing the point of my post, the old formula aint coming back, so we are stuck with the new version or you go and buy something that is close and or is better. Find a clone, there are alot of A/S out there that have achieved this.

    I don't need a hug lol and yes I do shave with a straight edge and or a double edge, and yes they are old, and yes they are old traditions that I don't want to see go away. My point was more or less, alot of people want the old formula back and it's very apparent that it aint. So embrace the new or don't.
  4. Well, as long as this forum exists, discussion will continue on old versus new. It is human nature to ***** about things that gripe us, and the new replacing the old gripes us. Keep in mind, this is a forum. I am sure many of us have tried to embrace and accept the new, but the old was so loved and bordered on being legendary, the new doesn't have a chance. I have gone through a few bottles of the new, it is an acceptable replacement, and one of the best lotions available. I, for one have accepted it, probably because I still have a few bottles of the old on hand, and it is still dynamite. The few artisan attempts, to me at least, are somewhere between the old and new, and are a waste of money, IMO. Feelings about the old versus new are pretty strong, so whenever the subject gets brought up, the griping will start all over again. I've followed Badger and Blade too long to think otherwise.
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    I probably have 1-1.5 quarts of the vintage aftershave in mostly unopened cologne and aftershave kits. A couple are single bottles. I don’t think I paid much more for any of them than the new juice. It’s available if you watch the bay. You’ll find deals if you keep at it. I did get mine a few years ago. Since I use a few different aftershaves, this is a lifetime supply for me.

    I have done the same with English Leather...... Ha

  6. I have a several lifetime's supply of the old sir. But we do like to answer the newbie's questions about the greatness of the old stuff and how the new stuff doesn't compare to the old stuff. Are you a newbie? Because if you are, I'd just like to let you know, we old school wet shavers here, like to talk about and discuss and remember the nostalgia of shaving stuff from a past era. You know like, Gillette DE razors, GEM single blade razors and vintage aftershaves. Not just Old Spice, I also have vintage Hai Karate, vintage Jade East, vintage Brut, and a whole host of many other vintage aftershaves, too numerous to list here.

    I am more than happy and glad to discuss any of them with you, if you have any questions? :)
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  7. I love vintage English Leather! The lime version too! Dude, it is soooo much better than the new version!

    Oh snap, I started the debate all over again... My bad. ;)
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    Yup. I do love the vintage. I don’t have any lime though...
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    I'm too old to remember, sometimes it's a blessing. I've moved on to a shelf full of bay rums, it's all new again.
  10. I was able to get my hands on a lot of original new old stock when just collecting the bottles a few years back. I wore Fresh more than than the classic , I only have a bottle of that left. I can't find anything on the market that smells like that. The new Old Spice aint bad, kinda reminds me of coast soap or something along those lines.

  11. I hear ya. I'll take Old Spice Lime any day, in the new or old version. :)

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