Old Spice New Vs Old why do people complain about the difference?

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by MajorMinceMeat, Aug 23, 2019.

    So im 22 and recently wanted to buy old spice from my local big box store. I read a bunch of reviews and its almost all people b!tching about that the new stuff doesnt smell the same.
    So I bought the new P&G bottle and promptly wanted to find out the difference and bought a vintage bottle from the 1973 area of time. It arrived yesterday and They both smell COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. What im not understanding is why people complain about the new stuff smelling too powdery with not enough spice smell. Now when I smelled the vintage shulton It smelled WAYYY more powdery and floral than the bottle I bought from the store. They did smell similar but to me the new stuff smells better on the grounds that I can smell the nutmeg,clove, cinnamon,citrus,and a slight powder scent.

    My question TLDR is: why do people complain that new old spice is worse than old old spice when as a new consumer of this product who has smelled both vintage and new thinks that the new one actually smells like the notes put on the internet as a definitive scent?
  1. The old smells like what we know, the new doesn't. The internet didn't exist to have the notes listed to compare against. Old Spice smelled like Old Spice, not like not Old Spice. :)
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    Many of us who grew up with Old Spice don't like the scent of the new stuff. If they called it New Spice we'd probably like it better, but it ain't what we loved.
  3. Vintage versus new Old Spice are very different. However, I like both the old and new versions.
  4. This is probably one of the biggest factors for people that grew up with the original formula.
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    I agree. The vintage is better to many who used to use it. It’s iconic and so many of us grew up with it.

    I like both, but vintage is my favorite. I am happy that it’s still made though. They are quite different, as you noted, so it’s inevitable that people will have opinions on it. Some like the new better. If they were the same, not many would complain.
  6. +1 Clay nailed it!
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    that's the best explanation I've ever heard!
  8. I like them both. The scent is different, but they are both nice.
  9. To me the Newer version is less floral, and the scent is lighter. I like it but I wish the scent didn't fade so fast. But then again it's an aftershave, not a cologne.


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  10. +1! Well stated! Us ‘old codgers’ like the old OS better!! :a14::a14::a14::a14:
  11. Well I guess we all know what opinions are like right?
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    I'm one of the few guys on the planet that didn't much care for the "old" Old Spice. I'll have to try the new stuff,It might be just the thing for me.
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    Let us know. It’s pretty good!
  15. I’ve never tried the vintage OS, but a few years back during my “try everything” phase, I scooped up a bottle of the “not Old Spice”. I remember my dad having the old glass bottle where the new style comes in the crappy plastic. I promptly transferred the aftershave into a clean glass hot sauce bottle and kept in my bathroom cabinet. Smelled great upon the first half to a dozen uses. Thereafter, the smell was pretty much non-existent after splashing it on. I’ve never been interested in buying it again. Just my experience.
  16. There's a slight difference between old and new, but I think it's mostly in people's heads. Sure, the old stuff has more musk and vanilla in the drydown, but the new stuff is darn close. There's more of a dry talc in the new stuff tinged with musky clove. I'm talking drydown after 20 minutes here. Everything that comes before? New stuff is a bit darker and "manlier" but otherwise generally the differences are negligible. I've owned 1980s and 1970s vintage, and they smelled different by degrees, but I can say most of the differences were due to age. The 70s vintage definitely has a little more musk and better longevity, the 80s vintage was a little brighter up top and virtually vanished without a trace after a few minutes. I sincerely wonder if they reformulated it in the 80s to make it a bit less "funky town" 70s in style. I also wonder if 1950s OS is a little different, 40s, 30s, etc
  17. I've used it since about 1980 or so. I get that it's different but it's in the ballpark. I like it fine but I do like B&M Reserve Spice better.
  18. Honestly, the vintage OS I recently got is too flowery smelling, and the new stuff I got a few years ago was weak. I prefer Avon Spicy and Vi-Jon spice, in that order.
  19. I don't remember exactly what vintage Old Spice was like, but yes. If it is different it should have been given a different name.
    Even Coca-Cola had the sense to do that with "New Coke", and when they brought back the original formula, naming it "Coca-Cola Classic" actually meant something.
    As near as I can make out, calling it "Old Spice Classic" merely means "Not Old Spice Chocolate" or "Not Old Spice Irium".
    They should call it "Old Spice Dum Dum deDum-dum".

    As to whether or not I like OS Classic:
    A while ago I had decided to not buy any more Old Spice Classic AS, simply because it did not appeal to me, regardless of how it might have smelled in the past. This was a pity, because it is easy to find in brick & Mortar stores, and is not expensive. However, the last time I used some I really loaded it on, just to get through the bottle faster. Then, 45 minutes later, I kept smelling this interesting and strangely pleasant scent. It was the Old Spice Classic, with the base notes finally emerging.
    Then I decided to keep it in my AS rotation after all, and buy some more when it runs out.
    Fortunately, I'm retired, so I don't have to worry about showing up at a workplace reeking of Old Spice Classic middle notes.

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