Old Spice 'Captain' vs 'Classic' Aftershave

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    Hi. Can someone tell what the difference is between the two bottles of Old Spice After Shave.

  1. I found this: Exclusive to Old Spice men’s grooming products, the Red Collection also introduces the brand’s new “Fade-Resistant Scent Technology” designed to stop “noseblindness” that can happen with a product’s daily use, when the nose becomes habituated to smell and starts ignoring it. 'Captain' is one of three new products in the Red Collection. I have ordered a bottle of 'Captain' Old Spice and I'm looking forward to the splash.
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    Looking forward to your review!
  3. I saw Captain in the pharmacy a few weeks ago and opened a bottle and smelled it. I can’t remember exactly what it smelled like, but it was pleasant and smelled very different to me than current Old Spice.
  4. The Captain is above my rank.
  5. The advertising states that Captain is the scent of the Ocean and Fresh Sandalwood. So decomposing filth and pollution then.
  6. OS has about 4983049 different scents these days in the deodorant, body spray and body wash areas.
    Some of my favorites are Amber, Magnate, Champion and Fresh. They're really trying, listing a ton of notes on the packaging for some of their newer scents.

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