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Old school after shave splash


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Just thought of this as my eye caught this thread title again...Seaforth! Spiced! And PAA Diver Down would both be old school scents reborn.
Razor Rock What the Puck Blue
Epsilon Blue
Pinaud Clubman

Those are very old school smelling and or old school in general, if you want true old school the best thing out there really is Old Spice and or Aqua Velva although neither are powdery.

Luckily we have good soap makers and or aftershave makers who believe that we need to preserve the classic scents and make sure that we have them for the long haul.

Floid of course is an absolute classic as well as we all know
I don't recall the smell of Jovan, but I do recall not liking it at all when I was gifted it as a 14 year old. Maybe my aged shnoz would like it now 32 years later.
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