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Old routine no longer works: advice for modification?

Hello long-term citizens,

I took active interest in this forum 2-3 years ago when I first got into wetshaving and safety razors. After some experimentation I found a combination that worked for me, so that it became part of my routine, and I no longer read up on the topic.

However lately my shaves have gotten very rough, likely due to the fact that over time facial hair gets coarser with regular shaves. So I think some tinkering is required, to go up one-notch in aggression.

My current routine:
RazoRock Game Changer .84 (not Open comb)
Astra blades (I used to go 2-3 until shaves get rough, now it's by the ~5th shave)
Omega boar brush, soaked in warm/hot water
Arko soap

I don't think it has much to do with brush and soap, since I can create big lather (although I could upgrade the Omega, which is a daily shedder; prefer scratchy rather than soft, as I enjoy the exfoliation).

So that means it's either the blades or the razor. Blades I don't know much about, so happy to take suggestions (I have Derby, Astra, and maybe some Russian brand whose name escapes me).

On razor I'm also happy to take all suggestions. I was thinking of getting a brass one, maybe the Chris Bradley. Which plate(s) should I try, letter and OC vs. SB? Any other brass/copper alternatives? If you want to suggest non-DE options, such as SE I'm also interested.

My goal: to change one variable at a time, experiment, and see if I can get my smooth effective shaves back. I think it would be very easy to dial the aggression all the way up, but I don't think I will enjoy that! Instead I want to try the smallest increment in aggression, and fine-tune my routine; so I'm looking for experienced members to point me where to start.

Lastly: yes I know, I can probably find this out for myself by reading numerous posts here as well as other sites' articles. I'm being lazy/short on time. If you hate my attitude, there's no need to respond; and mods, if I'm breaking some rules by not doing the research before hand, please go ahead and delete my post.

Thank you for any assistance!!
Oil, specifically Shave Secret.
I have always tossed every blade after 2 shaves. If tossing them sooner doesn't work, try another blade. I like a forgiving blade. Red IP were my favorites for years, then Astra SP, then Gillette Platinum, then Silver Blue. I currently use the "other" Gillette Platinum (aka swedes). As always, I still toss after 2.
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