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Old Razors I saw

Anyone know anything about these str8's?

The first one said either "Mach or Hach or Kach Reeves - True Ring"
I say it looks like an M, my wife says it looks like an H and my mother-in-law said it looks like a K.

The second one said "The Edlis Barber Shop Supply - Home Run"

The third one said "Henckles," I'm not too interested in info on this one as this company is still in business. But if anyone knows about it, that would be great.


My in-laws took my wife and I to a house built in 1732, which has since been turned into a Ruth's Chris Steak house for dinner last night. While in the lobby, we saw some medical equipment that was used "back in the day" a few scalpels looked like straight razors which my wife pointed out jokingly, "Hey, here's your straight razors."

A few feet down the wall, there the razors were. I took the best pics at the time that I could, but since everything was in a glass case, the reflection was pretty bad.
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Hi Art,

I have a straight that looks like the first one, think it's a 3/8" isn't it...???With a bakelite grip...???
No stainless.I also use a 5/8" Timor sometimes, but mostly I shave with a DE.
I've bought mine in a little shop, where you can buy knifes and the owner is a knife & scissors grinder...

Hope that helps a little bit...:confused:


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