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Old Newbie from Idaho

Greetings, and thank you for allowing me on the board.

For most of my adult life, I've never been into wearing fragrances. My nose is pretty sensitive, and I usually ended up what seemed to be too little, or in an act of overcompensating, a little too much.

So, I've been given colognes through the years, and they mostly sat on the shelf. I have a 20 year old bottle of Lagerfeld that's not quite half empty, CK1 about the same, and some Magic Man which I wore to appease my daughter who thinks it smells like watermelon.

Then I got a bottle of Brut. It wasn't bad. Didn't last long as far as others could tell, but I could smell it all day, and I liked it. Being a barber's boy, I picked up some Gabel's to remind me of my youth...then Pinaud classic, then Classic Match Drakkar Noir Clone, Brut EDT, then I scored some vintage English Leather....amazing.
Then I moved on to Fahrenheit, Stetson, and I just ordered some old stock British Sterling, Halston 1-12, and Timberline.

Brylcreme, Gabels hair Cream and Master Krew Hair Creme are currently my hair care jam...Did I mention the Pinaud Clubman Shampoo?

Now I must stop before my wife loses her cool about the whole thing.

On my Wishlist:
Brute Cologne--Does it last better than the EDT from England?
Some of the Homage Brut fragrances or maybe some vintage stuff.
Jeris hair tonic, Vitalis, Osage Rub, and some Lucky Tiger.
Something fruity for the daughter's pleasure that doesn't reek.
Lots more stuff...
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