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Old Mug Good Shave

Have been wet shaving for about a year. Picked up my Old Spice Mug (from the 80's) and lathered up for a shave yesterday. Nice shave and great soap! Can't find this original soap anywhere. Anybody know where I can find it?
Original OS shave soap can be had on the bay...BEWARE it's like 5 times the original price:thumbdown! I might suggest some mama bear's instead, because you will save tons of moolah, and the scent is spot on.:thumbup1:

:p.S. You can find shulton inc shave cream on amazon. There are a few dealers around. I haven't personally used it yet, but I've heard good things.
Yes, the old Old Spice soaps are going for big money on the bay. Don't worry, there are plenty of other great soaps that are made to fit in an Old Spice mug.

Welcome to the forum! Unfortunately, you won't find them in too many places; ebay and when you get enough of a post count, you can place a WTB ad in the BST for some. Good luck.
I got into wet shaving really big about 18 months ago, but I have been doing it on and off for quite awhile. I bought an Old Spice mug with soap new in 1976. I still have about half the soap left. I use to use the canned soap a lot. I find the Old Spice soap good but not any better than say Van Der Hagen. I wouldn't spend a fortune on it.
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