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Discussion in 'The Barber Shop' started by Macfrommichigan, Aug 19, 2018.

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    She thins you can still brush your teeth, doesn’t she?
  2. Pale text on white backgrounds.
    Who can possibly think this is good website design?
    Don't they want us to be able to read anything?
    While we're at it, make it small too.
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  4. Bought a pair of shoes today. Credit card reader at the store...well, let's just say the instructions and numbers were very, very small. Very.
  5. While we're venting can I just say as a guy who's 6'6" why are UK cash machines so low down?
  6. My friend remodeled his kitchen and bath to reflect his 6.5 foot frame. His wife needs a stool to do the dishes!
  7. Doc4

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    I feel all but the last 5” of your pain.
  8. Cash machines? And telephone booths extinct curiosities of yesteryear

  9. Theres a large chain store by me and it has 3 cash machines. One is obviously for limited and wheel chair mobility folk but the other 2 are only a foot or so higher up. Weird
  10. Cash machines may not be extinct but i never use them due to the sky high fees they charge.
  11. I want to see phone booths return. Call them privacy booths, and make them accepted places to carry on cell phone conversations.
  12. Good idea.
  13. My friend, at 15 I spent many an hour in a phone booth chatting up girls. :)

    Alas, if phone booths still existed, someone would use them as porta-potties!
  14. The smaller the writing, the larger the profit for the seller! lol
  15. While I'm at it, new cars with no spare tyre just canned goo and a small pump, but the manufacturer offers as an optional extra a spare with wheel brace and jack.
  16. At 68 I am out of the loop on the latest in child rearing. Apparently it is okay now to carry your wee one on your hip until they are seven or eight, as I witnessed recently at the farmers market. And it is fine to let kids ride in the shopping cart until eleven or so, too. Ah, and no rush to deprive a child of a pacifier; saw a six year old sucking on one just two days ago.

    Get off my lawn!
  17. I had a great uncle that came home from school and breast fed. I know, TMI.
  18. Lazy parenting as it gets in the way of THEIR life style.
  19. Got one that also includes hipsters
    Setting up the bike rack we got last year installed in the hitch. Hipster how to video goes on and on about how easy it is. Drop in the bolt and tighten you are done. Oh the included wrench doubles as a bottle opener. The fork that holds the bike. Also a bottle opener. So easy just crack open your craft beer and oil your beard.
    Ok back to my world on planet nothing is easy. Drop in the bolt. Nope. The bolt head gets hung up on the metal surrounding where it’s meant to drop in. Can’t tighten it as the head just spins because it’s too high. Not dropping in. After reading the directions and looking at my hipster guide a few times I figured the only solution was giving that bolt some help dropping in. Yes it was hammer time! Yes it then dropped right in. Of course The wrench is large and there isn’t enough room to make a full rotation. Tighten it so easy as 1/4 turns go.
    Not so easy.
  20. Seeing that you are also from Michigan...

    The state with some of the nicest people who would never think twice about offering help to a total stranger yet turn into rude and aggressive a-holes the moment they get behind the wheel. I've lived in MI for almost 30 years now and the state drivers had changed so much in my living memory... from being generally polite and thoughtful on the road to becoming worse than NYC and somewhere on par with Boston and Atlanta drivers. Heck, I've just done a trip to New Jersey and NY State and honestly, they are better / more polite drivers than people around Metro Detroit...

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