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WTB Old Generation Personna Med Prep Blades

Hello guys !
As a result of using a defective razor I didn't notice that the 10 Personna Med Prep blades that I purchased back in 2015 are in fact the perfect blade for my face.. Unfortunately I only found 54 blades from the old stock online.. still waiting to receive them, hopefully they are the same as the ones from 2015. I also tested the current Personna Med Preps and they are not sharp enough for me, making it very hard to clean my goatee area and my face feels sensitive to the touch after I finish shaving.

Long story short, I am willing to buy any amount of previous generation Personna Med Prep blades(up to 2 packs), that are in the white-blue box (not the white-blue-green one, as those I don't really like).
If anyone is kind enough to shorten their supply.. I would very much appreciate it. Please leave me a private message with the price and amount of blades I can get.
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