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Old Forester Whiskey Row

Just wondering if any of you are familiar with the Whiskey Row lineup from Old Forester. I picked up the first in this series last night on a whim, the 1870 Original Batch. For a 90 proof it was surprisingly good...much bolder than expected. It was sweet but more in a spicy-sweet than a straight sugar sweet. My bottle has a deep reddish-amber, and the finish was of moderate length and, while not a "punch you in the face" type of burn, it was satisfactory, especially for this entry level variant to the Whiskey Row Series.

Now I look forward to trying the 1897 and the 1920 expressions.

What were your thoughts on these?
I can't speak to the 1870, but the 1897 and 1920 are both very good. I'm about half way through the 1920 and will definitely be a bottle that stays in my rotation.
That's not the first time I've heard good things about the 1920. At a $60 shelf price I was a little hesitant but that is quickly changing based on the positive reviews
Just finished up my 1897 and about 25% through the 1920. Both very good, the 1920 is great, already bought a backup bottle.
I need to try the 1920. Since my original post I've had the 1897, as well. Very good but I found it to be not quite worth the price point when you consider the other competitors in the field. From all accounts Ives read and heard, the 1920 is exceptional.
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