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I'm in a current beard phase. As happens for me, I still want a nice shave with warm lather but I don't necessarily want to load up a brush from one of my soaps.

During such phases I prefer cream because I can use just a bit for my neck and cheeks, and maybe a little under my lower lip and build some lather right on my face. For this, Proraso is my old favorite.

I'm reminded that in one my first posts here, I showed a picture of my first set up. It included and Edwin Jagger razor, Derby blades (if I remember right), a Savile Row best badger, and Proraso soft soap. A comment from one of the welcoming committee said that while it might not look like it, it was all I'd ever really need.

They were right. I don't use the Derby's anymore, but I still use the EJ razor and the Seville Row brush, and Proraso in the soft soap or cream. Hard to go wrong here.
It's always nice to relive the early days. These types of posts aren't too hard to locate ;-)

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I agree that Proraso is all you ever really need. I really enjoy the Red in both the soap and cream. I think they're very solid performers. I hear their Single Blade shaving cream is right up there with the best creams available, and I look forward to trying it if they ever release it in regular sizes :)
While that setup works well, there's been some huge advancements in this field since your post 7 years ago. IMHO, the biggest advancement is the synthetic brush revolution. I'd try one if I were you! Since I bought a RR Synthetic with a plissoft knot, I don't even reach for my old badger anymore!
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